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    Vejnemojnen reacted to Jurrunio in Motherboard VRM Tier List v2 (currently AMD only)   
    In potential, I dont think these boards will be any different from the other. Not expensive enough for that. Gigabyte BIOS is more difficult to navigate so that's basically what you dont get by spending less.
    You need a tier A or above board. You can totally use a board meant for liquid nitrogen on ambient cooling.
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    Vejnemojnen reacted to Jurrunio in Does overclocking VRAM, increase power consumption?   
    Zero because the power limit is still working and will slow the GPU core down if needed. Even on cards with super high power limits, overclocking memory hardly increases power draw on its own. However removing memory bottleneck from a GPU does let it do.more.work.and that will.increase power.draw. With power limit.in.consideration however it's still better to overclock memory and let.the core clock reduce slightly.
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    Vejnemojnen got a reaction from ThePrecursor in How many watts do I need? 2.0 (Intel 10/Nvidia 3000 series update)   
    And also, I'd add in the link to BQ's PSU calculator. The most accurate around, only overestimates ~10%.  

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    Vejnemojnen reacted to Spotty in Can i run GTX 1660 super on my corsairs vs 450w   
    There is no 4pin PCIe. Either 6pin or 8pin. Quite often PSUs will have a 6pin which has an additional 2pin that can be clipped together to make an 8pin, depending on whether your graphics card needs a 6pin or 8pin. Most newer cards use 8pins.
    The Corsair VS450 should have two 6+2pin PCIe connectors.
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    Vejnemojnen reacted to Mateyyy in Please help between i3 10100 or r3 3100   
    I'd say 3100, even if only because you'll have more leeway in terms of CPU upgradability with that platform. That's assuming you haven't picked something like a B450-HDV R4.0 which is A320 level trash.
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    Vejnemojnen reacted to Mateyyy in Please help between i3 10100 or r3 3100   
    Gigabyte's B450 DS3H and S2H are about the same price and they're passable. The Pro-M2 is horrible.
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    Vejnemojnen reacted to Jurrunio in Please help between i3 10100 or r3 3100   
    Export yes, editing no.
    Also more multithread performance for rendering. editing cares about single thread more however.
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    Vejnemojnen reacted to Kisai in Notebook for Graphics work, Adobe Illustrator, PS   
    The 1050Ti/1060 are typical base-line configurations, and while they are considered weak, they're usually close enough to a 1080p60 gaming configuration, just it'll be super loud when the fans spin up. On more capable GPU's the fans might simply not spin up until the work load hits a level that it would otherwise need to thermal throttle at.
    As for CPU, the H parts are the "high performance laptop parts" and they're roughtly within the same performance envelope of a desktop CPU, only they're usually 30% slower clock for clock. eg a 7700HQ is not a 7700K. for the most part the exact CPU is less of an issue than the GPU is. Any 7000 or 6000 part is still a capable part, but a H part is far far more capable than a U part. The i7 8xxx/9xxx parts are likely 6 core parts as well, which can make up the difference for not being a desktop K part.
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    Vejnemojnen reacted to Kisai in Notebook for Graphics work, Adobe Illustrator, PS   
    Significantly better than the U parts.
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    Vejnemojnen reacted to Fasauceome in Best budget motherboard for 3rd gen ryzen 5 3600   
    On the cheap end, this board will offer good performance for less cost
    If you're interested in a more robust board with some features
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    Vejnemojnen reacted to Kisai in Notebook for Graphics work, Adobe Illustrator, PS   
    That's a U-series CPU so it will be super slow. There's no dGPU, so it will be unsuitable for Adobe Creative Suite (Which minimum requirements are GTX 1050 now) 
    For something to be useful with Photoshop, the laptop needs to have an H series CPU and a dGPU. In some cases you can get away without the dGPU but it will run the laptop very hard on the iGPU. So the minimum requirements for Photoshop also align with 15" laptops that have dGPU in them.
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    Vejnemojnen reacted to LukeSavenije in [psucultists] PSU Tier List   
    fx v1: shuts down on high transients (vega, 2080 ti, 1080 ti and 970 have been reported)
    fx v2: doesn't have these issues anymore, but is still sold under the old name
    gx v3: sold under a different name and doesn't have the issues anymore
    since seasonic now only reportedly makes the gx, your chances on getting v2 or v1 is getting more and more slim. but even if you end up with v1, it's no issue if you don't have a gpu like the one mentioned above
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    Vejnemojnen reacted to Kisai in Notebook for Graphics work, Adobe Illustrator, PS   
    I'd almost suggest seeing if you can pick up a pre-owned Dell Precision 5510/5520 or XPS 15 from 2016 or later, as that's right about right for that software. A Precision 5520 has those specs, but usually has a 500GB drive.
    The problem with used laptops is the battery life and the abuse they were subjected to during their operational life. You can replace the batteries, but the batteries are usually $200 or more in most laptops. Hence a new laptop should be considered if only you get a REALLY good deal on one, as most sub-$1000USD laptops are usually rubbish tier without a dGPU and are only intended for running office/word processors. You can run photoshop on them, but it will super slow. 
    For Photoshop in particular you need more RAM. For Premiere Pro you also need a dGPU to work with any decent sized project (eg more than filming a birthday or so  )
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    Vejnemojnen reacted to mariushm in Top 3 etc optimization/defrag softwares for ssd ?   
    I like O&O Defrag the most, but it's not free.  You can try it for 30 days for free.
    Defraggler is reasonably good and freeware.
    Other programs... i can't recommend one from memory.
    o&o defrag will auto detect ssds and issue the trim command and/or other commands meant to "optimize" a ssd.
    anything else (moving data around on a ssd for example) is not required on ssds, it makes no sense, a ssd can access any byte of data just as fast unlike mechanical drives where some data is read or written slower due to physical position on the disc and how long it takes for read/write heads to position above a specific track.
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    Vejnemojnen got a reaction from DutchGuyTom in Asrock Steel legend???   
    you ARE wrong.
    Mortar's VRM heatsink as efficient as it can be for a B450. The GPMax and Toma, A-Pro MAX are all excellent.
    Please, take a look at this chart.

    Mortar MAX nagyon jó kis B450-es deszka. 3900x OC 1.3V fix all core, 15 perc Prime95 után.. VRM hőmérsékletek:

    If you can affordc the Mortar, it's a pretty decent choice. It has two M.2 slots as well  The MSI B450 A-Pro MAX and Gaming Plus MAX are also excellent, usually much cheaper than tomahawk, yet, they peform very close to each other.  
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    Vejnemojnen reacted to jonnyGURU in Segotep lack of reviews   
    That's a good unit.  LLC with DC to DC.
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    Vejnemojnen reacted to seon123 in Segotep lack of reviews   
    There is more to PSUs than that. Regulation, ripple, transient response, noise, hold up time etc etc. Thing is, most people are really not interested in that sort of stuff, even people that are somewhat into PC hardware (which you seem to be an example of :P).
    GN did a video PSU review (Walmart PC's GW PSU), but that was a complete trainwreck, imo. Not enough useful information, nothing interesting to look at, and just reading us the efficiency at different loads. 
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    Vejnemojnen reacted to jonnyGURU in Gamemax GM 1350 good for crossfire Vega 56   
    I wish!
    9 out of 10 times, when the PSU works, the customer doesn't leave a review.
    9 out of 10 times, when the PSU doesn't or stops working, the customer DOES leave a review.
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    Vejnemojnen reacted to LukeSavenije in [psucultists] PSU Tier List   
    DQ-M is based off CWT GPU
    DQ-M-V2L is based off CWT GPX
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    Vejnemojnen reacted to 5x5 in will a an i5 6500 bottleneck a gtx 1070   
    Don't get a 2700 and X370. That's not worth it either. Zen 2 is MUCH better. A 3600 will be faster than a 2700 and B550 boards are MUVH better than X370
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    Vejnemojnen reacted to 5x5 in (USA) Is this a good deal?   
    Not really. You can get a Ryzen 3 3300X and a B450 board for that money. It'll perform much better.
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    Vejnemojnen reacted to Mateyyy in ryzen 5 3600 or ryzen 7 2700x?   
    Unless you exclusively do tasks that are very heavily multithreaded to leverage all 16 threads of the 2700X, the 3600 will be the better choice, and if the 2700X is more expensive, even more so.
    The stock cooler is meant for stock speeds. I've never looked into the cooler you mentioned, but a pretty well regarded option around $40 is the Arctic Freezer 34 Duo.
    If you need help putting together a parts list, you can always create a thread in the "New Builds and Planning" subforum and you'll most likely get some good and helpful insight.
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    Vejnemojnen reacted to Juular in [psucultists] PSU Tier List   
    Definitely, someone just need to have a spare time to do that. But if you want to help we can just give you editing rights, we'll need your Google e-mail to do that if you'd like.
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    Vejnemojnen reacted to GoldenLag in i5 10600k or r5 3600xt   
    "bottlenecking" depends on what games you play and more factors for it to be a concern. 
    if the performance is fine right now, then i dont see a reason to upgrade. 
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    Vejnemojnen got a reaction from 5x5 in Should I return it?   
    They are kind of popular-were popular in the last few months- locally. Mostly due to BF formula not being available& other lesser units costing the same, or even more.
    I would not worry about it, neither would I recommend you to return it.