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    Trapped in the spaghetti mess that is space-time
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    Escaping the everchanging, monotony that is 30° left of Centaurus A. Reaching out to a new galaxy sounded like a great idea, as it turns out I should have checked my other pants for my celestial compass.
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    My profile is not a joke, please send help. I've taken a wrong left after Centaurus A and now have no idea as to where I am. The stars here screech an erie song and the asteroids are much more threatening. The only form of intelligence this far in the void is a small dwarf star who likes to go by 'Kevin', however 'Kevin' is a lunatic (lunartic?) and won't stop babbling meaningless nothings from times far before I arrived.
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    Protecting this universe from the pending space-time collapse

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  1. So I haven't died. In about a week or two Ive gone from my usual game dev stuffs to now running the largest discord for my college, built from the ground up by myself. Off that back of that the esports team reached out, Im now their PR person. I got a new job. etc. ITS BEEN CRAZY

  2. unknown.png
    Always great to see this naming when I plug in a usb

  3. Id like to take a moment to thank Intel for no longer supporting older products with even basic software download support. Instead of going there for a motherboard bios update Ive had to scour three dozen sites, almost all of which are sketchy indonisian/indian 2003 era support sites that require an account half the time.

    I still dont have the bios update btw. Looking for dz68pl if anyone just happens to have that. Currently it doesnt have the update that lets it support 3rd gen processors so its stuck on 2nd gen and presummably also lacks better memory support if the dozen ram sticks it disagreed with are anything to go by.

    1. sushimus


      Might see if a bios from a similar board will work. Same motherboard family only mine lacks the display out ports.

      Thanks intel.

      Board I have


      Similar board with a bios I can find

  4. I've successfully tricked google into thinking I'm a relevant search for spaghetti


    Reality can be whatever I desire.

    Fear me.


  5. So APPEARENTLY chrome has this nifty feature in their debugger that changes the webpage to simulate being on a phone.
    That would've been great to learn about a long time ago. Ive been uploading a bunch of tweaks to github over and over then checking on my phone the whole time

    1. Murasaki


      The authentic experience is better!

    2. sushimus


      10 minutes ago, Murasaki said:

      The authentic experience is better!

      IT IS BUT that also meant waiting a bit for the github to update the files and it was just generally a very slow way to do things. Also meant I couldnt test on different device sizes, only my galaxy s8

  6. So I've been redoing the years old code of my website and I'd like to present maybe the jankiest solution past me could'ev come up with.

    Instead of doing sensible things like setting the spacing between letters or spacing between words past me opted to put a space between every letter of every word. But wait! The solution to word spacing, ez fix, just put this at the end of every word: 

    <mark style= "color: transparent; background-color: transparent; text-shadow: none;"> a </mark>




     And this is on the banner of every single webpage any time I needed to space words out.

  7. As part of my latest GDC binge Ive decided to make a prototype game to test the decision making of players with the aim of winning using the least amount of stops possible


  8. After a couple days of trying to learn javascript I now hate myself and everything I do even more


    The website's functions have been almost entirely rewritten which has resulted in 300~ less lines of code being used. Now almost all the lines are just raw arrays/maps of data with the logic taking very little space

    1. sushimus


      For context I have around 300 lines devoted to just storing neat animals, their type, and their environment. And its not one line for each category of data its 300~ animals stored fairly efficiently

    2. sushimus


      In case you were wondering where all this is coming from I was inspired by this gdc talk to make my website randomizers more useful. So instead of just giving a setting or creature with an adjective slapped onto it the outputs will look more like


      Citing the aggressive nature of the cardboard dragonfly, the lush jungle people from Ban'nu engrave warning on their pottery


      This way if you needed an easy world to build your project into it would provide much better context and more organized examples than currently. The creature would be based on the setting chosen, hense the storing of environmental data. While the people would determine what their tradition of story telling and what those stories are based on the environment and the adjectives chosen for the creature

      And in future Id be adding more templates than just a culture forming around a creature and a place but this seemed like a major enough step in the right direction for now

  9. So I've been working on adding actual use to my website and all I have to ask is: what the fuck even is javascript? Who made this? Why?

  10. Welcome to the deepest pits of hell





  11. If you have an MX Master 2 and the button where your thumb rests on is acting up try loosening the screws ever so slightly. Mine were a bit too tightened and it caused the button to get stuck held down.

    Be warned: you will want to get some replacements for the pads on the bottom of the mouse though. They will rip in half in a way you wont expect every single time.

  12. So I might actually be making a game that'll see publishing in a reasonable time frame this time. It wont be crazy or anything but it should be entertaining enough and I've got enough alarms, calendar reminders, and self-applied social pressure to maybe see this one through

  13. Slowly making a 2d topdown ai that pathfinds around obsticals, wanders around a food area, and runs from predators. It feels great to finally get to a point where I'm not using a tutorial to write this stuff.