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  1. As a last ditch effort, I'll buy a secondhand 212 Evo or something similar and report back if that helps. If not, I think I'll just sell the motherboard as faulty
  2. Same result with the 4770. Up to 100c in a matter of seconds after running P95. So it's either a fault with the motherboard, whether that be incorrect voltage/physical bowing/fan control, or a fault with the cooler itself. But I seriously doubt it's the cooler since it cools similar cpus on other systems just fine.
  3. Triple fan intake, mesh front panel, one fan exhaust in the back, so I would say best case scenario in terms of ventilation. The cooler I'm testing with now is a Thermaltake 92mm cooler, no copper slug. It's not superb but definitely capable of cooling this sub 90w cpu. I have a 4770 that I can test, just to rule out if the 4690's thermal sensor is malfunctioning or not. They have the same TDP so it should be a fair comparison. I'll post back once I've tested that. EDIT: After re-reading your question, no I don't have a stock cooler on hand. However, I think they are
  4. After getting a hold of this i5-4690/Mobo/RAM bundle, I've had headache after headache trying to keep it cool. Two heatsinks and countless TIM reapplications later, I'm stumped. I have no idea why, but the CPU seems to always run hot, even with known good techniques. Let me explain: Try #1 Using a thin spread of thermal paste, I mount an Acer stock cooler almost as tight as it can go. (This heatsink cooled an i5-3470, similar TDP, very well in the past) After launching Prime95 temps shoot to 100c instantly. Thinking it was a bad mount/thermal paste application, I re-mount with new t
  5. In many of their videos, you can see a little barcode on the underside on all items, whether it be a mouse or a graphics card. In the “Preparing for 10GBE” video specifically, you can see that Linus has to make sure what’s checked out to the server in the system is actually in the server. If it isn’t in the system, he simply scans it in. I know this is a long shot, but I need to know where he buys the tiny barcodes, or where I can buy them. Something similar would also do, but the ones LMG uses seem to be of very high quality (they have put an item with a sticker in a toaster oven). Thank you