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  1. Perhaps it is though I doubt so. Clearly something is very broken with my current OS so I'll try reinstalling LTSC through a different installer and if I'm still getting issues I'll go for one of the other Windows 10 editions instead. Normally I could just reset my OS but even that functionality is missing lol. I wonder though, seeing as I've made a raid 10 through my MOBO with 4x6TB disks, will I be able to keep the data on it or will they be wiped as well if I reinstall my OS? I imagine they should be fine since the OS is on a separate 1TB SSD, right?
  2. So I've been using LTSC for my new computer for a couple of months now and while it didn't have perfect functionality from the start intentional or unintentional like a bunch of settings options missing, this is all I get now But the last few weeks the problems I've been having with it is kicking into overdrive. Currently whenever I do anything processor heavy some random process (can be from Windows, Nvidia, Firefox etc) pushes CPU to 100% and either crashes or freezes my PC. I am aware that regular Windows 10 users have had problems with a patch doing similar things but that shouldn't
  3. I've had similar issues but with CPU usage for Windows 10 LTSC. It started a couple of weeks ago that some random process (from windows, nividia, game etc) would randomly push CPU usage to 100% and crash my computer. I read about other Windows 10 users having this issue as well and it was due to a recent update but as far as I understand LTSC shouldn't be installing updates on it's own in the first place (only get error 0x80080005 if I try updating manually) so no idea why I'm getting it too. Tried half a dozen fixes but nothing seems to be working. Honestly stumped on how to deal
  4. Yeah just checked my MOBO manual and saw the same thing, got all 4 of them working now! Thanks a lot for the help mate! Time to attempt making a raid 10 in bios and come back crying again i 5 minutes haha.
  5. So as title says I've installed 4 X 6TB WD reds yet somehow two of them aint showing up, I could understand it if it was only one since it might be a production error or damaged in shipping but with 2 it's probable that the issue is at my end. I tried switching SATA-cables as well with a spare but unless I have 3 broken ones at random that shouldn't be the problem either and I can tell from the vibrations that they're running but just not found by the system. I've also made sure that the drivers are up to date, I've ran Windows Memory Diagnostics but as said the drives still don't
  6. Yeah I think I'll try it tomorrow then, using a Z390 Aorus Master but IIRC they share the same BIOS design as Gigabyte so should be able to find a guide for it or maybe it's in my manual somewhere. I wonder if they're able to do raid 10 though or if I'm able to do it by applying raid 1 then raid 0 or if doing it through MOBO only allows one configuration of your drives? I don't have any spare internal drives lying around but it should be a good idea to mark them at least. Since they're all the same model I wonder how the system names them, by which cable port I'm usi
  7. I know with PG279Q at least a lot of them have problem with back-light bleed (upwards half of them?) so in this case it might be smart to do what I did and get a demo-screen since at least the retailers I use are obliged to tell you if something is wrong with it, so you get one of the good ones for cheaper rather than buying a new one and have to go through the hassle of purchasing/returning until you get one without errors. Otherwise it's a pretty damn good screen.
  8. So I've gotten 4 x 6TB drives now that I was thinking of turning into a 12TB raid 10 but I'm not entirely sure about the best way to go at it. I've heard that some people use Windows Storage Spaces to set up theirs but have also heard some criticism that the software is sub-par and hurts the performance compared to other solutions. So what would be the best way to go at it in you guys opinion? I know I can set up a raid through my MOBO but unsure if that works for raid 10, plus it'd make me completely dependent on that particular model if I wanna move or restore data. Any informati
  9. Not your fault for seeing it incorrectly due to the sticker covering part of it but it says R/N not M/N, which I would assume stands for registry number or something like that.
  10. The R/N is the same and there isn't anything called ''M/N'' on it. If you mean S/N then yeah they're different. The dates are also 3 days apart but I'm not sure how long a production cycle lasts over there and if it guarantees being different? Yeah they're a fair bit cheaper where I live but I imagine it being a pain making a raid out of them rather than just backupping shit. The externals have a tendency to use random drives from a selection of the cheapest they could find and you shouldn't use different drives to create a raid, not to mention the issue of cracking up the casin
  11. So my plan is making a raid 10 consisting of 4 x 6 TB reds for 12 TB storage space, question is that I've heard (and had it explained) that it's good to buy drives from different production batches since otherwise there's a higher likelihood of several of your drives failing at once thus kinda invalidating the whole purpose of investing into safeguarding your data from failure. I've made sure to order mine from different dealers to lower the risk but I'd like to cross-check to make sure, and if I have a couple from the same batch I can spread them out to different raid 1s before combining them
  12. So peaking at 1.344 then with 1.31V in bios? I guess I've still got some way left to go then at least voltage wise, 1.37V in bios should be fine as a max. Am I right to assume that since going from 5.1 GHz to 5.2 GHz is a ~2% increase I should increase voltage by 2% in bios from 1.31 to ~1.34? Obviously I'll try my way forward aiming for the minimum but in using it as a starting point. I could also order some Grizzly Kryonaut and cleaning kit to reapply thermal paste, probably wont make a huge difference but hey a few degrees is a few degrees. I googled ''mounting problems Kraken X
  13. Also here's the fan curve of the CPU cooler, might be easier to see than just the numbers from OP. As said I think this is already very aggressive so I don't think there's much improvement to be had here.