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  1. So i know 120mm aren't that great but i was using a nh-l9a-am4 which was great but the fan is situated right underneath my exhaust which I'm worried will cause a mess up with the airflow. I would reverse the fan on the CPU cooler but the screw's are sized to only go in 1 way on the fan unless i use a drill to widen the screw hole on the other side.
  2. Exactly as the title asks. Looking for the best 120mm AIO purely on performance/cooling (don't care about RGB) I'm using an elite 130 case and the liquid master 120mm im currently using has a very load pump which makes me worried about whether its gona last. Aswell as the temp's when I'm gaming get me worried with a high of 89c on my 5600x.(idle 45-55) So wanted to know if anyone's got recommendations for a good one. I'm currently looking at the kraken m22 but the amazon page for it doesn't say it supports AMD boards but says the 140mm to the 360mm support it so I'm not s
  3. Wasn't aware a cpu fan would work well with a pull config. I'll remember that but I think the best option is to switch the front to an intake with the AIO and flipping the PSU, that way the AIO makes it so I don't have to worry about the psu pulling air away from the CPU. Still kinda dicey about having the PSU pull in hot air from the case but we'll see how that goes. Thanks allot both of you for the help.
  4. How do you find running exhaust on the aio. Kinda apprehensive about it as that would mean pulling hot air through the radiator fins. Also ya that'd awesome to see how someone else has set it up.
  5. I'm using a noctua NH l9a but am thinking of switching to a masterliquid lite 120 since I got an extra one of those. And that will prob be what I do then. Flip the PSU around and put in the AIO. Also the default config kinda confuses me as it sound like it would be horrible for air cooling a cpu as if it acts as exhaust it would mean the fan for the CPU and PSU are right on top of each other with barely a fists length between which I feel would cause a mess up with the airflow since they'll be pull in opposite directions
  6. Wondering if anyone's got an idea on how to properly get good airflow with this case. Originally had to so the front was intake, but the GPU side is also an intake from the GPU, and the other side is a small intake for the tiny CPU fan on the side that came with the case and top is mostly covered by the PSU. So with no exhaust I decided to change the front to exhaust but am now thinking of maybe switching the front to intake, putting a water cooler on it, radiator on the front, and turning my PSU around to become an exhoust. My question is would this be a good idea. Would the PSU
  7. Sry forgot to mention. I'm using a 5600x The prism is too tall as even if it did fit it would have literally no room between the top of it and the bottom of the PSU. The noctua looks interesting though I'll give it a look at. Thanks
  8. Hi just wanted to know if anyone knows any better CPU cooler then a wraith stealth with the same height (60mm). Have a mini itx pc in a Cooler Master Elit 130 and have the PSU above the cooler restricts the height. Thanks