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  1. I recently uninstalled them because they were causing problems for me. Now I need to reinstall them in order to reinstall the drivers for my rx580.
  2. I have also seen this on an old Compaq Power supply. It had a push button hooked directly into the power supply by a long wire and then the button was put in the front of the case.
  3. Note: Before doing this, I would highly recommend finding an old power supply that you wouldn't mind modding and cutting cords. Materials needed: Old power supply soldering iron Flux Solder Any kind of switch (not including light dimmers or potentiometers) 15-18 Gauge multistranded copper wire Wire strippers Wire cutters Heat shrink or electrical tape A trusty lighter Process: !Don't forget to unplug the power supply! Step 1. Locate the green wire and one of the nearby black wires on the 24 pin connector.
  4. I'm planning on buying a heat gun and a 5$ 1151 replacement socket. Also turns out the damaged "resistor" might have been a fuse? I really don't know.
  5. Also, the motherboard I'm talking about has another issue, it won't turn on. The start button and the reset buttons on the motherboard are illuminated but, they won't respond to any manual input. The motherboard is also missing two smaller resistors that broke off on the backside and has one damaged thick film resistor(P110) by the cpu power on the back as well. Edit: I forgot to mention that the Vrms aren't heating up but the chipset is heating up a ton.
  6. Kaicer

    Best Air-Cooler

    BGears b-blaster fans are really good at cooling AIOs and air coolers. (They have a 140mm fan that outputs 308cfm and has an mmH20 of 31.08 at 12V but sucks up 2.76 Amps) (DON'T PLUG IT INTO THE MOTHERBOARD HEADERS!!!!) 140mm that I just mentioned - https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835132046 120mm one that outputs 218cfm https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIAG7X7HF7800 https://www.bgears.com/b-blaster/ -specs of each fan
  7. I'm planning on running one 2.4Ghz b/g/n router downstairs and one 5Ghz a/c router upstairs via coaxial in order to prevent me from using the 2.4ghz as a wireless bridge.
  8. Banned for using an overused meme in 120p.
  9. Banned for using own nose for a vacuum in a drugstore.
  10. Banned for having a Roblox hat as a profile picture.
  11. It's possible for a gas to pass through solids but, at a very slow rate. This rate depends on how porous the material is. Take for example a balloon filled with helium. Over time that balloon deflates even though the balloon is sealed.
  12. I'm planning on doing this in order to improve my temps. My AIO has some of its liquid evaporated. Like, I can shake the radiator and hear water sloshing around. I can also see air bubbles in the acrylic tubing on the pump.
  13. @exon654 Also set the SATA mode to AHCI for the ssd/harddrive to improve write and read speeds. If you try changing it AHCI mode after installing windows, you will receive errors that tell you that your boot drive isn't working. IDE and AHCI are different and cannot be switched after the installation of windows.
  14. Download Windows (10/7/8.1/etc.) onto the USB drive with another computer and plug the USB drive into either the front or back USB ports. Then proceed to mash the life out of the key that allows you to select your boot drive in Bios and select the USB drive. Then hit enter once you select "Yes boot from this drive" (or whatever it says for you.)