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  1. Ok thank you, again I wasn't sure what the best one would have been, because it could be a number of things
  2. OK mate, that is 500 times better than my first build, that's great, you've got liquid cooling, the 2070 super will be good to start off, and having a ryzen 7 3700x will give you space to upgrade your GPU because it shouldn't bottleneck even the 30 series GPU's i rekon that's an awesome first build have fun!
  3. Hi so warzone will randomly crash, it will say directx encountered an unrecoverable error, mainly when i'm streaming. i've got an RTX 2080 and i've run dxdiag and everything is fine, i've got the latest nvidia gaming drivers, i'm thinking that my CPU is the problem and that it cant handle gaming and streaming, i've got an r5 2400g. Any help to try and stop this before i upgrade my cpu would be greatly appreciated. Oh and if this belongs in another sub forum then let me know
  4. Hi so I have got corsair vengeance 3200mhz 2x 8gb ram and it's xmp certified but I get random service exemption BSOD's when I enable xmp, I think it may be due to timing issues but I wanted to get suggestions as to how I should tweak it, the current XMP timings are 16 18 18 18 36 where as normal 2133mhz is 15 15 15 15 36, those are my standard timings, and I've attached a photo of my XMP advanced timings, any advice would be appreciated thanks
  5. im in australia so r5 are $300 and 2060 super is like 500 at the cheapest
  6. That was my next question, would it be worth upgrading my graphics card or cpu first because I can only do one or the other
  7. Would 2060 super probably be the best for my budget
  8. Hi I have a 1050ti graphics card and about $500 that I can spend, I really want to upgrade but there's a fair few graphics cards out there that I'm overwhelmed as to what to go with, I was thinking either a 1660 super oc or a 2060? Thanks
  9. G'day, i was wondering is there any way that i can have my pc boot and log in automatiaclly so it can do a full system scan then shut down weekly while im at work? I use norton antivirus and have set automatic scans to weekly, will it do this without me signing in or will it have to be signed in as well?