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  1. Yes, I'm checking the clock speeds in task manager
  2. I Think At 65 Celcius the CPU is AMD QUAD-CORE A-10 9600P (2,4 GHz Up To 3,3 GHz Application Like Games
  3. AMD Quad-Core A-10 9600P (2,4GHz Up To 3,3GHz)
  4. when i open application my cpu is at 1,99 GHz Or lower But when i'm not open any application my cpu is above 1,99 GHz Can anyone explain this? Sorry if my english is bad
  5. my temp GPU always above 90c my gpu utilization sometimes 100% back to 56% and back to 0%
  6. my gpu uz my gpu utilization sometimes go to 100% and back to 56% and back to 0%
  7. my core clock speed locked at 1,99 GHz while gaming when im not doing anything or idle the core above 1,99 GHz sometimes goes to 3,00 GHz my CPU is AMD A10 9600P ,can i have solution Thanks