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  1. I have a Logitech Z623 speaker and a Philips TV (40PFA4160S/98) as my third screen for watching movies. Should I connect my speaker to the TV or PC?
  2. I'm planning to upgrade my CPU from i7 7700k to R7 3700X and mobo ofcourse. Will my Corsair CX650M PSU enough for the following specs or do I have to upgrade my PSU too?
  3. Interesting. I might go with $450 since I just found out the price range from where I live are around that price.
  4. I have zotac gtx 1080 ti amp extreme edition. how much do you think its worth?
  5. I am currently using 3070 upgraded from 1080 ti and currently using i7 7700k. Im planning to upgrade my cpu to R7 3700X. I am looking to sell these but not familiar with used item market price. Does anyone know how much should I sell my used 1080 ti and 7700k? Maybe someone could give some advice. edit: the gpu model is zotac 1080 ti amp extreme
  6. Can you suggest a good cpu especially for this game with $400 budget?
  7. Since everyone is saying my cpu is bottleneck. Can anyone suggest me good cpu especially for this game with $400 budget?
  8. so it means this game is cpu heavy? Im kinda newbie, does my cpu holding back my gpu performance?
  9. I have 3070 and i7 7700k, running at 1440p. When Im at outdoors, my frames dipped to 40ish especially in the city. When I try running MSI afterburner, I found out my gpu only utilize at 50% while my cpu utilize at full load. Anyone can shed some light? I believe my setup supposed to be able to run this game at higher frames according to most people with this setup. You can see the numbers at the top left picture attached.
  10. I don't know if the performance same as anyone else with this setup. But my game hit 30-40fps around the city. It's worse when I'm driving, stuttering and all. I'm guessing it shouldn't be like this for my setup? I'm running at 1440p. Most of my shadow settings are medium to low, and the rest is medium to high. Film grain, dof, chromatic aberration are all turned off. Raytracing off with DLSS quality. Is this supposed to be like this with this specs or there's something is going on? I even updated nvidia driver. Maybe someone could shed some light.
  11. I dont know if you can hear it well. But this is how it sounds like everytime I boot up. beep.m4a
  12. Maybe it's just the beep audio problem. Because my pc is just fine. I can play games and everything