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  1. Adding a new 2tb hard drive to my PC, followed all the tutorials but I cannot get my new hard drive to show up in the disk management panel through the control panel to format it. shows up in the BIOS, I tried swapping sata cables and sata ports, no dice. I can feel the drive spinning so it doesn't seem to be dead on arrival, if anyone can help me please do! (Also added a new 8gb stick of memory, even tried the windows memory diagnostic to see if that would make it show up in the disk management but still doesn't show) the drive
  2. Right now I need help... I currently have an Omen 870-224 (https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/omen-by-hp-870-200/13687063/model/15741160/document/c05389962) And i'm looking to upgrade, already going to add another 8gb memory, and a new hard drive, easily figured out those.... Now I have hit a road block, the motherboard, the motherboard is an Odense2-K and i'm having trouble finding a board that fits and would also accept my current internals so I can just move it all over. I mostly want to get a new board so I can expand my memory even more past 16gb but I have hit a wall as I cant find a b