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  1. Recently cut off the LED cable on a 4000D as it was all bunched together neatly and I over did the ziptie.
  2. I picked it up from another etailer for £79.82 on Friday however delivery states by the 12th of October. Looking forward to downsizing as I've always had a keen interest in SFF.
  3. I've placed the order the Gigabyte and should be here tomorrow however I won't be taking delivery of the NR200P until the 12th October as stock is hard to find here in the UK.
  4. I won't be pushing it too far as it'll be housed in a NR200P. That's good to hear, only thing putting me of at this moment is some issues being reported by user feedback. I probably won't be using these features as I mostly prefer the cable route for all my needs however I may do one day. Anyone know if it supports Ryzen 5000 out of the box as I'm looking to place an order sometime today?
  5. I've been reading up on 2 motherboards, the ASUS B550I Strix and the Gigabyte B550I Aorus Pro AX. Most of the reviews of the Aorus are glowing however, I've seen many user feedback saying otherwise. Complaints about Bluetooth and WIFI issues and some boards dying days later after installation. The Aorus is the cheapest and strongest by £50, so debating on which to opt for?
  6. I've just received a Lian-Li O11 Dynamic Mini and now in search for a quality SFX PSU. Any advice on which unit to get as it needs to be paired with a 5600x and 3070 Ti.
  7. Sat directly in from of the screen the bottom left corner looks a lot lighter in colour bluish unless I move. The bottom right corner appears reddish.
  8. Ordered the LG GL850-B and arrived yesterday. No dead or stuck pixels to report however is it normal for the panel to look cool on the left and warm on the right? It almost seems like backlight bleed but if I move position it fades away and turns warm and vice versa? Can't take a photo of the screen as it really makes it look bad if you get what I mean. If I'm sat directly in front of the screen it looks similar to backlight bleed in the bottom left corner but move and it disappears? I'm in a pretty dark part of the room and blacks in top left and bottom left look bluish?
  9. Thanks for the recommendations, looking for ease of installation would be a bonus.
  10. UK, no budget really in mind as prefer a quality cooler for future CPU upgrades.
  11. Corsair 4000D case.
  12. Looking for a quality, silent air cooler for an 11400 CPU. Not building the system till end of the month so plenty of time for recommendations.
  13. 3600 paired with a 2070 Super.
  14. Looking to upgrade to 1440p 144/165Hz and have a budget of around £330-£350. I'm looking at the Asus VG27WQ but not sure whether to take the plunge, any thoughts?
  15. I own both the Dark Rock Slim and Noctua NH-U12S. Both do an outstanding job considering their compact sizes. However for me the Noctua gets the win as it's inaudible even on stock fan curves, give it a custom curve and sometimes you have to check if it's even working? Also the Noctua is easier to mount/install as I found the Dark Rock Slim doesn't give clear instructions on how tight the heatsink bar screws need to be fastened, this is something be quiet! needs to work on.