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  1. @SpookyCitrus Just want to overclock for fun. Dont mind taking it out of the case. Thinking of the H96 max
  2. Would it be possible to artificially cool and overclock those cheap android boxes available on the internet
  3. When hard drive bottleneck the sata ports, motherboard manufacturers will probably start using it, especially for server hardware
  4. The exact software I would not trust. Avast just causes problems with literally everything. CCleaner is useless and has minimal benifits. I dont trust these magic PC doctor apps. Try chaninging your powerplan and/or using a bootable USB to test it
  5. Use the back fan as air in and front fan as case airflow and cpu radiator air out
  6. @Eigenvektor So the card would be non functional ?
  7. SLI causes lesser 1 percent low fps and is not worth the money. Just sell both cards and get a better one. Sell both 1060s and get a 5700 and a better CPU
  8. If both of them died I think it is a hardware problem
  9. Dont you miss the time when motherboards focused on other things except RGB ?
  10. I would not trust vinegar in my loop due to risk of corrosion (and it stinks). Just buy the ant-microorganims stuff and flush your loop every 6 months to a year. Also use distilled water instead of pre mix as it corroded the parts less
  11. This is beause your motherboard switches on before switching off. It is normal for most motherboards
  12. @A1Mike_W No, try manually adjusting the v and h position
  13. Auto adjust automatically sets the monitor to the right v and h position. If it failed, do it manually
  14. @Levent I am not cloning. I can add as another person but will it work. I am going to get an nfc ring
  15. So I have a door entry system which uses RFID tags. Could I get a NFC sticker and use it as a RFID tag
  16. I think the kernel is just corrupted. I dont think it is a driver issue
  17. Also try doing auto adjust again
  18. Try resetting or adjusting your pixel clock and other timing settings