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  1. You hate seeing adverts on other channels which feature Linus.. how is that worse than seeing one from Pepsi or google?
  2. You’d still need some way to make the computers communicate without effecting each other’s performance. I’d imagine it might be possible in theory as you can have multiple CPU on one board and multiple GPU in SLI for instance.. however I’d doubt it’s something that would ever be developed as the use cases are small to non existent
  3. Nope, no other way to put it. For one thing the two use different instruction sets so even if somebody were to attempt to create something to allow this, I don’t see how it would be feasible
  4. That’s a fair point, perhaps what he was saying is just out of date I suppose. Certainly in the core 2 quad days you’d struggle to hit 5ghz with conventional cooling methods. Its a fair lesson to learn that lecturers aren’t infallible, you always need to be critical as they’re only human.
  5. Well yeah you started stating random things which any software engineer would know. I’d agree with you that these are things that should be known but the tone of outrage this thread gives out is a bit strange as I’d be surprised if any of your lecturers didn’t know this stuff
  6. You might want to make your point clearer then as that’s how it comes across
  7. You come off as quite childish in your comments, I’m sure your lecturers have a sufficient understanding of the relevant functional aspects of PC hardware, even if they don’t keep up to date on what the latest CPU generation is. Perhaps once you gain some more experience you’ll understand what is and isn’t relevant outside of the tech hobbyist sphere. I’m a software engineer myself, knowing how many Ghz you can get a cpu to without liquid hydrogen cooling isn’t exactly going to be helping anybody write more efficient algorithms.
  8. People in here talking as if modifying config files is programming.. you absolutely don’t need to know how to program to game. I’m a software engineer and I would say that programming makes you worse at gaming.. because you have less free time to game!
  9. I’m not defending it, I just find the visceral hatred very pretentious.
  10. Why are you all so salty towards social media? Are you sad that nobody wishes to keep in touch with you?
  11. Do that then, I don’t see why you’d waste your time complaining about it
  12. They do this to increase viewership, simple as that. I watch LTT videos because I know they’re of a high quality, each and every one (maybe aside from the weird iPhone rant one lol). It makes complete business sense for Linus to present his thumbnails and video names in such a way and with the quality of his videos I don’t even need to see the title or the thumbnail, I’ll watch it regardless. If you guys have such a problem with his videos then I’d suggest simply moving on and viewing other content, nobody’s forcing you to watch anything you don’t enjoy.