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  1. I have no clue about what your project looks like, how it works, not how it will be used. But if there's one advice that I can give you it's that you should really, really move away from application hosting on Windows as soon as possible. Sure, xampp or (wampp) are very easy to setup - but running things on Apache is not the best way of doing things by far (a very simple attack is slow loris and there's quite a few more...). Welp, I "tossed" my two cents, have a good one
  2. // I came here to try and help a bit, but damn this thread confused me so much I can't even describe it. Amazing.
  3. Well... I dunno if it's available for Windows, but I would recommend KdeConnect. It's amazing - speaking from experience, currently using it - on Linux though, so I can't say how it is on Windows :thonk:
  4. There are written standards for all these protocols (IMAP, SMTP, POP, ...) It's internet traffic - you have protocols like http(s) for webpages/webapps (gmal.com / outlook.com) and then you have SMTP - which is for example most likely used by this very forum software to send you emails when needed - and FTP and many, many other well-known protocols. These are just the standardized ways that are used by different services to communicate with each other. Like the example given above (the linustecttips.com forum), when the forum software "decides" that it's time to send you an email i
  5. Hey @QChoumont Alrighty so you're basically developing a simple chat webapp with an android client - but the client doesn't really play any significant role in this play. It's just a "side character". I'll try to write a short tutorial on how I would personally approach this task. I'll try to explain most of the things that I think you would not know about - if there is anything that you'll still find too complicated ping me, or even better send me an email (google my nickhandle and you'll find it) because I really, really rarely come here. The whole thing
  6. I am no "professional" by any means - I am not even fully employed - so take this with a grain of salt... And keep in mind - everything is just my opinion I will not tell anyone what to do, because I don't have enough experience in working field at all. All I can tell you is the following; I am just 18 years old, though with decent experience in full-stack development, and I am "partly" employed in a semi-large company as a programmer - I can't be full-time because I'm still a student (and laws here, etc..). I develop internal applications with "progressive" techno