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  1. I am going to be using transceivers from fs.com in the future, so might check out the MNPA19-XTR, cheers for the recommendation
  2. I must be one of the worst people at finding network related products... most I saw were shipping from China/Hong Kong... Cheers for them suggestions anyway!
  3. Hey there, I'm just looking for a decent cheap-ish 10gbe NIC for my PC and NAS, but can't seem to find any decently priced ones here in the UK. Any suggestions?
  4. I just wanted to get a switch for future upgrades, but yeah I'll definitely get a normal Pcie card, I didn't realise it was a HP proprietary one I'll check out the site
  5. Thank you very much, a 7m DAC would be a lot more cost effective than the fiber. I'll check out the other switches too, as I do plan on eventually expanding it, with some more servers and whatever else I'll need. I'll also check out the other cards as yeah I definitely don't want HP proprietary ones haha.
  6. Hey there, I'm just looking for some advice on items that I had had my eye on buying to upgrade my home network to 10 Gigabit. I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to the networking side of things, so I just want to make sure what I am getting is worthwhile and will actually work. I want to create a NAS and use part of it as a game cache for steam and other launchers, and be able to future proof it a bit too. Switch: MIKROTIK CRS305-1G-4S+IN Network Card: HP Ethernet 10GB 2-Port 561FLR-T x2 Transceiver Module: FluxLight 10G SFP+ 10GBASE-SR x2 Cables: 10m OM4 Fibre O
  7. So I'm looking to upgrade my laptop so it's a little faster and better performing. I have the Toshiba Satellite L750 XH1, which has the motherboard: A000080670. I was wondering what CPU I could install in it. Im already set to install 8gb of DDR3 RAM at 1333MHz, and will upgrade to a 500gb SSD soon. Anyone know what CPU I should add? (I'm running Windows 10 Pro).
  8. Can the 'MSI - Z370 GAMING PRO CARBON ATX LGA1151 Motherboard' run with an 'Intel Core i7-9700k' without any issues (mainly bios)?
  9. Just the one I use for my Xbox One X: SAMSUNG LU28E590DS 4K Ultra HD 28" LED Monitor
  10. Cheers for that! Still early days for the parts list, I'm not going to be jumping into buying them until I know it's actually good to get.
  11. My budget is around £1600 excluding the peripherals, I can get them sorted no problem.
  12. So I've just created my first Part List here: Future PC Build and I need some opinions of it, mainly using it for gaming. If there's anything shocking that makes you want to rescue the poor components, let me know. First time doesn't always go right... at all. Also if I'm being an idiot buying stuff I need/don't need, just shout at me. Cheers.