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  • Birthday Aug 28, 1990

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    Langley, BC, Canada
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    Electronics/Computers, Cars, Building stuff etc
  • Occupation
    Used to do electrical, now doing transport refrigeration


  • CPU
    Main rig: i7-5820k @ 4ghz
  • Motherboard
    Have to double check this one
  • RAM
    32gb DDR4 3600
  • GPU
    GTX 1070 8Gb
  • Case
    Fractal Design R4, No Side Window
  • Storage
    C: 120Gb SSD (os)
    D: 2x 1Tb WD Blacks in Raid 0 (programs)
    E: 2x 3Tb drives in Raid 1 (data)
  • PSU
    Corsair 750W
  • Display(s)
    Hp 27 inch 1080p
  • Cooling
    240mm AIO, 4x 120mm fans in push pull
    Many 120mm and 140mm case fans
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Strafe with MX Cherry Blues, Red backlight
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro x64
  • Laptop
    Main: Panasonic Toughbook CF-52 "Performance"

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  1. Ooooo that is a beautiful machine! Does it still work?
  2. I have a picture of most of my spare drives in a post back on page 228. The old Caviar should be in there, pretty much all my IDE drives anyway. My SATA drives are another story yet lol
  3. LOL why yes it is. Also have a couple wd400 drives too, and an old caviar 31200. Smallest wd drive I have I think is just over 400mb but I'd have to dig that out.
  4. How about some 30 pin Simms? Also put a Pentium 3 system together a couple days ago. P3 600E in a Gigabyte GA-6BXE motherboard, 256mb PC100 SD-Ram with a 15gb wd caviar hdd and 30gb maxtor hdd. Used a ATI Radeon 8500LE video card, and running Windows 98SE now.
  5. That... Is a lot of processors. A lot of old and vintage processors. Great collection! So many Pentium's and see some Amd K6's and even a Cyrix in there!
  6. Yeah 3.2gb does seem to have been common. Quite a few of my Fujitsu drives are 3.2gb as well. When I was in high school a little shop I helped at had some of those old Dell's but the desktop version not the tower. I remember them fondly but never came across one myself to own. If I do I'm planning to grab one to add to my collection.
  7. The 80Gb Samsung Spinpoint? Yeah its fine, and I'm ok giving up the 15Gb WD if you want it, just one I'd prefer to hang onto but I don't exactly need it either haha. I could send 2,4,1 your way as well, a 8.4Gb Fujitsu. It is good to have a drive under 8Gb if your wanting to get more into old computers as well, just in case you run into a bios limitation.
  8. Haha of course you have to pick the 15Gb WD. One of the few drives out of all of them I don't want to part with lol I have a big soft spot for the old Caviar drives. Something about the sound of them, they're unique. I have a 15Gb Maxtor I'd rather part with but if you really like the WD I'll part with it.
  9. So the 80Gb Maxtor and the 15Gb Western Digital? ...Actually there's more than 32 spares haha these are just the drives 120Gb and under, that are IDE. There are actually a few more that would fit in this catagory but they're hooked to my test bench to be wiped and tested yet.
  10. Just a few ide hard drives, 120gb and under. Have many more already in systems too.
  11. Well, from what I've been able to find, your board should be able to support drives up to 128Gb, possible with a BIOS upgrade which is still available from ASUS' website. I've got a bunch of larger drives if you'd like, lots of 40Gb and 80Gb with some smaller capacities mixed in as well. If you prefer something smaller, let me know but for the 40Gbyou could pick between a Western Digital, IBM Deskstar or a Samsung Spinpoint. The 80Gb I have Maxtor's, Seagates, Western Digitals and Hitachi Deskstars. A larger drive would give you the ability to store disc images on the machine as well as having
  12. Well, I finished re-capping this super 7 board this morning. It had a couple bulging caps and I was having stability issues (blue screens) in windows so it was time. 25x 330uf capacitors later haha and it posts! I'm happy with my solder joints too... Now just have to get it back in the system. It'll have a k6-3 450mhz and 128mb of ram with a tnt2 m64 video card. I had the Pentium 166 in it for testing, as I have quite a few of those and they're not rare if something let out the magic smoke.
  13. Nothing strange about having an old video card as a decoration haha I have old motherboards on the wall in my workshop... I never knew Walmart ever sold GPUs, either I never noticed growing up or they didn't up here. Any plans to do a build with it?
  14. Love the old omnibook and board. That omnibook should run windows 2000 pretty nice too if your so inclined, especially with using an SD card. Makes it quick and easy to swap between drives and configurations. Board looks like a late socket 7 considering it has both sd ram and 72 pin simm slots. Even has a USB header between the floppy/ide headers and the headers for the printer/comm ports and being able to use either at or atx power supplies is nice. A board that late should support the dual voltages needed for a pentium mmx as well. Any plans for a vintage build?
  15. Yes, exactly. A clean boot disk is used, no memory managers or anything and has the flash utility and bios file on it. Then the flash utility is run, which writes the new file to the flash memory for the bios on the board. Might not need to update at all though, I'm checking into it.