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    JustWantTech reacted to Jessa Jones_iPad Rehab in Louis Rossmann points out some facts LTT got wrong in DriveSavers video   
    I sent Linus an email with some extra background details regarding our point of contention in the DriveSavers video.  
    Linus suggested that I share with the community, so copy/paste.  Sorry for the length! 
    Im curious to see how this story strikes your own personal credibility meter.
    For the sake of our community, I would appreciate it if you posted the details you've provided to me on our forum as well. It'll give me an easy reference when we follow up on this week's live stream. I would post it myself, but I think it would be better coming from you directly.   Linus            
    On Thu, Oct 15, 2020 at 8:26 PM Jessa Jones wrote:  
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    JustWantTech reacted to ACEHACK in What's with Linus' hate for Motion Blur?   
    yes there are technical benefits if it implemented correctly and if your on a low fps to help, but for me i dont care how good it is implemented, the first thing i do is disable motion blur, depth of field, any other lens blur nonsense. if it helps you good for you, enjoy it. i hate it. 
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    JustWantTech reacted to PCGuy_5960 in rtx 3080 crashing possibly due to capacitor choice   
    Well first they have to make a GPU that can match the performance of nvidia
  4. Funny
    JustWantTech reacted to TempestCatto in rtx 3080 crashing possibly due to capacitor choice   
    Maybe this is all a ploy by AMD so people flock to them instead.
  5. Informative
    JustWantTech reacted to spartaman64 in rtx 3080 crashing possibly due to capacitor choice   
    IMPORTANT NOTE: apparently the evga 3080 ftw3 has 2 mlcc and the picture on the EVGA website is a preproduction model
    update 2: apparently some evga 3080 ftw3 have 6 spcaps and some have 4 spcaps 2 mlcc
    update from jacob from evga  
    https://forums.evga.com/Message-about-EVGA-GeForce-RTX-3080-POSCAPs-m3095238.aspx In the buildzoid video he said they are not POSCAPs which are a specific pansonic product line they are SPCAPs which the higher end ones perform better than POSCAPs. But he agrees the mlcc caps are better for filtering and having multiple of them in parallel makes them even better. And he said he thinks we should blame nvidia instead of the board partners because nvidia has to approve all of the boards and they allowed the board partners to do this. Also he noticed some of the cards with mlccs cheaped out on the other SPCAPs.
    Der8auer replaced the spcaps with mlccs and it solved the crashing problem which confirms that it is at least a major contributing factor.
    source: https://www.techpowerup.com/272591/rtx-3080-crash-to-desktop-problems-likely-connected-to-aib-designed-capacitor-choice
    Yikes this launch is sort of a mess. If you are experiencing crashing try underclocking a little and if you are buying a card look out for the ones with bad cap layouts. Idk why nvidia felt the need to rush this launch by this extent. Also sort of strange manufacturers would put low quality caps in a high end gpu and how much do they even save on that?
    Edit: I looked up how much they cost and apparently they cost $0.00293 per unit if you buy them in bulk of 10,000+ ...
    so you need 10 to replace an SPCAP and theres 6 SPCAPS so thats 60*$0.00293= $0.1758 ... at most they are saving 1.758* cents per card WTF
    and actually thats if they replaced all the SPCAPs with MLCCs they only need 2 so they are saving $0.0058
  6. Funny
    JustWantTech reacted to Grafter67 in My sister says I'm addicted   
    No comment on GPU, but a ryzen 3xxx upgrade at this time would indicate addiction
  7. Informative
    JustWantTech reacted to EJMB in SoftBank to sell Arm Holdings to Nvidia; Update: It was just officially announced!   
    Update (9/14/2020):
    SoftBank is set to sell the UK's Arm Holdings to US chip company Nvidia for more than 40 Billion US dollars and it will be a matter of a cash-and-stock takeover. This may be announced as soon as Monday and will make SoftBank will become the largest shareholder in the US chip company.

    The fear of the possibility of a large conglomerate corporation like Nvidia will have too much control in the industry (or any company in any industry) is one that I'm sure a lot of people will be concerned about.
    This might not be good moving forward.
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    JustWantTech reacted to SupaKomputa in Using an PC without Monitors and internet?   
    You don't need internet you need network, unless you can control it with your brain wave.
  9. Agree
    JustWantTech reacted to Fasauceome in RTX 3080 image (maybe?)   
    I mean, what we don't know is how old these pictures are.
    Also ampere has been in development for some years so I don't necessarily think a leak now means a release earlier than september.
  10. Funny
    JustWantTech reacted to TempestCatto in Russian tourist offers tesla employee 1 million dollars to cripple tesla with malware   
    Serious question: "tourist" or terrorist?
  11. Agree
    JustWantTech reacted to WereCatf in Windows 10 Ameliorated Ordered to cease operations due to LTT video   
    But that's irrelevant. Microsoft owns Windows, they can do whatever they want with it. Someone else offering modified Windows for download is piracy, even if it doesn't functionally make much sense.
  12. Agree
    JustWantTech reacted to leadeater in Windows 10 Ameliorated Ordered to cease operations due to LTT video   
    Yes but the ISO being provided is not activated and has inbuilt trial period and activation requirements and enforcement of those. Makes zero difference if you hack your way around that without Microsoft's help. Being able to do something doesn't change the legality of the problem. Providing activated copies of Windows is piracy, hell even hosting the official Microsoft ISO is piracy as you don't have a redistribution license, unless you have one which few have.
  13. Agree
    JustWantTech reacted to RejZoR in Windows 10 Ameliorated Ordered to cease operations due to LTT video   
    In all honesty, the whole project was a pointless joke. What's the point of having this cut down broken OS that is more unpredictable than Windows itself. May just as well use Linux then. Would have billion times better experience.
    If it had just trimmed down regular ISO with removed preinstalled junk and telemetry just cut down for the most part without breaking anything, then fair enough. But the extent of disabling things they went was just silly and pointless.
  14. Funny
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    JustWantTech reacted to Master Disaster in Windows 10 Ameliorated Ordered to cease operations due to LTT video   
    Correlation does not equal causation. There's no evidence the LTT video had anything to do with this project being taken down.
  16. Agree
    JustWantTech reacted to TetraSky in Windows 10 Ameliorated Ordered to cease operations due to LTT video   
    It was piracy after all, no matter how they tried to spin it. This was bound to happen.
    I'm just surprised it happened so quickly after the video. Surely MS was aware of them before... right?
    At least the DIY version should still be possible, but pre-activated ISOs were an obvious no-no. It is not the first time that MS is going after a windows mod, for the distribution of ISOs.
  17. Informative
    JustWantTech reacted to rcmaehl in If you can't beat 'em, join em - 30 Anime Studios launch joint YouTube channel of free anime.   
    Might not be tech enough, feel free to move to Off-Topic or another forum if needed mods  
    30 large anime studios have launched a joint venture that is sure to take a chunk out of piracy. The channel aims to have 3000 anime titles up by 2022.

    My thoughts
    First off, RIP KissAnime, not that anyone here or myself used it. Second off, this is definitely going to take a chunk out of piracy AND they be making ad revenue off it as well. Maybe they'll even have channel memberships and premieres for even more cash flow. Regardless, this is an all around amazing play by the Anime Studios and I look forward to supporting them
    Geek Culture
    NIche Gamer
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    JustWantTech reacted to Radium_Angel in The way Aussies search every day on Google is at risk from new regulation   
    ¿ʇuǝɯɯoɔ oʇ ʇuɐʍ ǝɹǝɥ sǝᴉssn∀ ʎu∀
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    JustWantTech reacted to ACEHACK in The way Aussies search every day on Google is at risk from new regulation   
    honestly google should just give them a big middle finger and say we are out. in less than a month they would crawl back and beg google to come back.
  20. Agree
    JustWantTech reacted to mbntr in SSD virtual memory   
    Unless you run out of memory a higher amount will not make your pc faster.
    Virtual memory (Page file or in linux Swap) is much much slower than DDR, you really don't want to end there.
    It will also wear out your SSD real fast
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    JustWantTech reacted to Tristerin in Is it a shame to own a low end PC?   
    This thread is weird to me.  Quit thinking about social acceptance on your PC.  Love you, love your PC and that's good enough.
    Also me - I don't have the top end system either, and never will.  Its not feasible, for me and my goals.
  22. Agree
    JustWantTech reacted to NineEyeRon in linux and bsd is better than windows   
    The word “fact” does not in itself constitute facts.
  23. Agree
    JustWantTech reacted to eeeee1 in linux and bsd is better than windows   
    it is not. it depends on the user. THAT is a fact
  24. Agree
    JustWantTech reacted to Electronics Wizardy in linux and bsd is better than windows   
    I mean it really depends on the task at hand, there is no single best os, cause if there was, everyone would be using it.
  25. Agree
    JustWantTech reacted to Lurick in Latest WAN show (Flowplane question)   
    How are they "double dipping" if they want to provide an iOS version where you can mange your subscription? Double dipping would be them charging monthly for the iOS version AND making you sign up via the floatplane site, which is not what they are doing.