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  1. No, you can use the app, but the feature it will have will be less compare to the browser version and Android app because Floatplane have to meet Apple's standard and policies. So, if you want the full feature Floatplane experience as an Apple user, you have to use the browser version basically.
  2. Correct me if I am wrong but you are mad about the words in that lens? They are just words. It just to show how data is encrypted. It doesn't specifically say "Use this VPN for gmails" or "Use this VPN when you use the search engines".
  3. 1. The video explain what is hackintosh, how it is done and the caveats of doing this. This is by no any means "a tutorial". This is techquickie, an oversimplified explaination video. 2. Linus use Unibeast/clover as an example, not the only solution. I am sure there are other options that can be used instead of Unibeast/clover. If Opencore exist at the time, and if it is popular, then sure, Linus (rather the LTT's writer) would use that as example instead.
  4. First, this is short-circuit, so less script is need. This is just Alex's opinion. Second, I have a notebook that is 2c/4t. I try to do both screen recording and play 3D games, I got lag a lot...lol. I guess Mac is more optimized to handle stuff with just 2 cores.
  5. problem with that is 90% of users are windows user (not exactly but most people of the world use Windows). So, going linux will not represent all of them. another problem with that is it will introduce too many variables for most of us (i.e. Linux has error but Windows don't) to digest. I wouldn't mind a new tech youtuber use linux to test hardware, but if an old tech youtuber test hardware with windows and he/she is comfortable with, just let he/she be, even if you are a linux fan.
  6. Ah, that explains that channel comment on some the video I watch, including Formula e's official channel
  7. wait, isn't mesenger is basically move that chatbox that you have when you talk to your friends in facebook into a separate app lol?
  8. before all this Zen 3 thing, AMD was never been in a good position to be consider as cpu supplier for Apple. I think you guys know how bulldozer performs. I think there's a couple of possible reasons: 1. Apple would have to optimize it again when it switch cpu 2. changing cpu and chipset ain't cheap 3. possibly they just don't bother Also, it seems that Apple is eager to make it's own cpu, so I don't think that apple would use AMD anytime soon, or maybe apple will now the rumour of apple having ryzen reference is up
  9. It's techquickie.... so hard to type it I guess I disagree imo because because black is pretty ugly, especially with the text and images that is used in techquickie. Just imagine it is ughhh... Sure ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. So.... turning off the privacy setting not enough?
  11. when you got microsoft office for free from your college/university/school. WPS office is also a great alternative.
  12. That's not "promise, no clickbait ever" video. that's him fixing too clickbaity title while showcase the product that sponsor them ?
  13. I use new edge, chrome, firefox and opera. I don't think the new edge will sway existing web browser user but I can see new user will less likely to download chrome when installing Windows and more people on other platform who want to use old Edge feature but with chrome performance.
  14. Now lets figure oit how to make the cpu cook a large pan... Maybe we can use a radiator
  15. If companies that make computer parts gives you a free spare everytime you broke it, then maybe it's okay if you handle them roughly, but no, that's not going to happen, even with warranties. Even if I get a motherboard that cost $50, I still need to handle it with care because I don't want to spend another $50 just because of my careless mistake.
  16. Like I said, Yes, using unactived windows is breaching TOS, which Microsoft can sue you but they don't bother. Also, just because the video doesn't say "doing this is illegal" doesn't mean the video is implying that it is okay to use it like that or it endorsing people to go breaching TOS. what the video does is explaing why the hell microsoft didn't give use the usually 30 days trial in Windows 10 and speculating why microsoft can do that. @LinusTechCanada Please change the title as it make the video looks like you endorsed people to use unactivated wind
  17. Point of the video: -> why you can use full fledge win 10 without activating (just locked down the astetics) instead of the usual 30 day trial. -> why microsoft can afford not having those win 10 activated (even tho you should activate it) -> in tldr sytle (that's techquickie for ya), does not cover details of the legal or moral consequences of it. I think the title is misleading. should be “Why Windows is "technically" free?”
  18. you are paying for the printing on the mod mat, the material, the people who made this (outsourcing) and the packaging. Also, this is one way to support a youtube channel because you are paying to the owner of the channel anyways.
  19. I think the point of this video is that a mac or a pc doesn't make your video edits magically better regardless of how much experiences you have in video editing. but yeah I think Linus could have give more limitation and constraints to the competition.
  20. I tried to search for that particular law in the US and Canada, no such laws exist. Maybe I miss something.