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  1. Hi LTT forums, im looking for some advice on what to do, i want to do a full reset or my pc and it's drives but i want to have it all backed up in case I end up needing some of it in the future. So I'm wondering what suggestions you have, i currently have around 2 TB of data that i Want to save.
  2. Hi im looking for some recommendations for a backup drive. I'm currently looking to backup most of my pc so I can completely clear all the drives on it. I first attempted to so with the "Seagate Backup Plus Hub STEL6000200" but the software causes the mouse to start acting weird after awhile, meaning it needed a restart and the backup then deing.so I returned it.
  3. Hey guys, so after searching the web for a good 3-4TB external HDD option to backup my entire computer, and most importantly alot of video files, ive come back more confused then when i started, i cant seem to find a good drive that is reliable and fast, once i found smth like the "Seagate Expansion Desktop" the internet would shower me with reviews of it breaking so im comming to you guys to ask for you experiences and recommendations.
  4. https://www.asus.com/Monitors/TUF-GAMING-VG259QM/ 280hz supposedly 1ms
  5. Well the monitor says its 1MS, im just asking around. And well there is the issue, i play Counter Strike at a rather high level.
  6. Hey so im currently considering buying the TUF GAMING VG279QM. But after googling around im told that you can never reach the same response time as a TN panel, my question is will i be able to have the same response time with this monitor as my old ASUS MG248Q? https://www.asus.com/Monitors/TUF-GAMING-VG259QM/
  7. but thats gray to gray right? i cant seem to find any info on the diffrence.
  8. Exactly my thought but dosnt the IPS have a lower response time?
  9. So is there any reason what so ever to get the SWIFT over the TUF ?
  10. So this website im buying the CPU from says "Warning: Intel coffee lake s, is only suppored by these chipsets: Intel B360, H310, H370, Q360, Q370, Z370 og Z390, that cant be true right? cant find anything to comfirm that ?
  11. Worst that would happen is the power supply dieng right?
  12. Oh not, im upgrading a old pc, with some budget parts, its a gtx 970