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  1. I want to configure a virtual machine of Mac OS on my windows machine. I am using virtual machine by oracle. But when I selected Mac OS section I didn't find the Mojave version on it. It only had unto 10.13 (and Mojave is 10.14) should I reinstall or is there a loose thread to make it work?
  2. Guys when I was using my laptop with Dolby audio, It just randomly crashed. Even after I rebooted the system it wont start. I looked at the task manager and the Dolby audio was missing in startup tab. So where can I find the .exe file to restart the program. If I can what can I do to fix it?
  3. I don't think that would be a good idea to hold down the power button. The thing is that the error it automatically resolves and reboots the pc with all the downloaded updates installed. My pc won't show some random error or unexpected errors while in use after the boot until I download the next patch. I think its a bug in update installation code. I might be wrong about that. Anyway thanks for responding
  4. Hey guys. I just updated my laptop to the latest version of Windows 10 1903. I will be downloading the update while studying and install the updates at the end of the day. I will put my lap on sleep when I take some breaks. But after the latest update, after downloading the new patches, my pc will show a blue screen error at around 11:00 pm randomly. It also shows an error code Memory error. But my laptop has 16 gigs of ram and has a 1 TB mechanical hard disk. After the blue screen error, the system reboots and shows updating pc. It's soo annoying. After the update, it messed up my firefox plu
  5. I am not bold enough to take any big risk for a small aesthetic. Thanks for responding btw. I will surely watch the video, cause I wanna know how it's done
  6. Try cleaning your intake fan vents. It might be due to accumulation of dust and debris in the vents which causes the motherboard to overheat and shut down for safety purpose. The fan might be damaged in some case. So you need to replace it. See this for more info. This dude had the same problem.
  7. Hey guys. I own an Acer nitro 5. I want to change the boot logo to something nicer than the green Acer logo. I checked the system info and found out that I have a UEFI boot instead of a legacy boot. So how can I change my boot logo if possible?
  8. I think you should wait cause 2nd gen ryzen mobile CPU is hitting the market soon. Pair it with a 1060 or 1660Ti or amd side Radeon 570 or 580. It will be a pretty powerful beast. Try to go for the r7 processors
  9. I think that CPU is a severe bottleneck. That might be a problem. But as you didn't have any problem before it might be due to some bug issues. Try updating your drivers to the latest versions. It won't be a ram issue. Try to tweak the settings a bit and also take a look at your power plan. Windows might have automatically changed it, or high-performance mode might be having some bugs. I had the same issue on my laptop. I changed it to balanced and maxed out the settings in additional options and it solved itself. Its a bug in the latest windows update. BTW you can't get away from it by revert
  10. The problem is that we need to press that x every single time to make thoss overlay disappear. In the original UI it automatically disapears. If I accidently touched anywhere on the screen this will pop up and I will get annoying pertty much quickly. Btw thanks for the help and support
  11. No use man. I dont recieve any software update onset of this anomaly. Infact Samsung stopped sending me updates as my phone is older than 2 years. My mom uses the same phone and has the latest updates installed. But she has no UI issues
  12. Yes, I have tried to restore it to its factory default state by clearing data, no use. Should I use apps like youtube go instead? Seriously I hate this UI. It's soo annoying