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  1. HOLY SHIRTBALLS! 800£ and up for a barely HDR monitor? I paid like 60% of that for a Full HDR TV. Ok, I think HDR goes off the table then for monitor, that's just crazy money and a lot cheaper to drag cables to my living room. Focusing on 4K then, its down to panel types and connections then I'm guessing as most important.
  2. I'm upgrading from 1080p and am looking for new primary monitor. It's main uses will be: media consumption (plex, netflix and youtube stuff) in 4K and possibly HDR if possible. Games - although not fps games like CSGO or rocket League and stuff like that. So not too fussed about refresh rates over say 120 as I doubt they' make a difference. It's mainly about making them look good. Mainly gaming in the skyrim/ BG3 type of games (glorious looking RPGs and other single player games) and throw in some GTA as well. So its more colour and depth than sheer speed th
  3. I'm helping my sister get a pc for her kids and usually I build my own pc. But due to corona and distance that's not an option so the only viable route is a Prebuilt system bought in a store. Said system will be a gaming machine for games like Minecraft, fortnite, some csgo too maybe. Also plex, netflix and there are some budget constraints. Think they were aiming for around 900$US or so, excluding monitor. I've been looking around shops but mainly I want to set an appropriate range of specs to look for that won't be overpowered or crippling bottleneck. Giv
  4. I'm putting together my rig and having a blast, quick specs: i9-9900K Aorus Master z390 Coolermaster Mastercase Maker 5t My problem: the case has 4 USB 3.0 ports on the front panel of the case, there are two internal cables with the wide pin based head to connect them to the MB. The Aorus MB seems to only have the turboport USB 3.0 header that allows for charging via USB so atm seems like I can only get two of the 4 ports working at USB 3.0. There is a USB 3.1 internal header, is it possible with an adapter cable maybe to connect the 3.0 wide
  5. OK I've been digging through some stuff here. Made some changes following your lots suggestions. New case as I def need the optical drives, the one I've found seems to be really good for airflow right out of the box. Added a soundcard as I need 5.1 outputs and Optical out for my speaker setups (made some spare cash to boost the budget a bit to allow for this (sometimes working overtime rocks)) - and maybe a new card won't have the startup issues my creative xfi has now (no sound on startup, have to reboot or disable/enable in device manager). Might still go for an AIO cooler, th
  6. wow, quick responses - I'm going to dig into some of them. Might go for the i9-9900K since single thread perf def is what I need most But unless someone can confirm that it can, from images and compatiblity tabs on partspicker I'm not surenow that the Meshify C can take optical drives? Is there a big diff between the asus ROG and the gigabyte cards suggested? and thanks for all the help sofar.
  7. See below bulletpoints for proposed items - slight wall of text but the more info I give the less you people need to wonder. 1. Budget & Location About 1100+ US$ - located in Denmark 2. Aim Gaming, general use, some photo editing and video scrubbing(not professionally in the slightest). Games are mainly RTS, RPG, MMO style games like GW2 and Skyrim - no FPS games atm but usually multiple programs running alongside games. 3. Monitors 3 in total. All 1080 res - 2 pc monitors and a TV 4. PARTS THAT STAY I have some parts that I will like to