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    Clarkey reacted to AlwaysFSX in dx 12 preparations   
    Doesn't work like that man.
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    Clarkey reacted to thekeemo in r9 285 vs gtx 960   
    the 285 is pretty much equal and last I checked the 280x was cheaper than the 960
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    Clarkey reacted to nhatduy1611 in Feelings About Zotac?   
    Zotac stuff are great it's just that they are not as popular as other brand so not alot of people knew about them. Their products are cheaper then other brand so people usually thinks that their cards are worse.
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    Clarkey reacted to randy hutajulu in what do you guys think about the new titan x   
    Nope. Titan's price is adorable For a content creator like me who still can't afford a quadro k6000.
    If your main purpose is gaming, yes, this card ia overpriced.
    But basically, titan is a hybrid card between geforce (consumer grade) and quadro (workstation)
    They know that mostly, content creator and 3D maker are also gamers. So they make a card that can perform really well on gaming but also gives so much productivity while working.
    If my 3D studio is getting bigger. I'll buy a titan because i've tried it before on my friend's PC. That card makes his life a lot easier.
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    Clarkey reacted to Mushious in Games with good stories/plot?   
    Bastion and Transistor.
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    Clarkey reacted to Fulgrim in Worst, Worst, Game ever   
    That's actually quite a fun and amusing game tbh. Only downside was it's lack of heavy metal, compared to SR3.
    @OP, i would say 5 Nights At Freddy's.
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    Clarkey got a reaction from Nup in 4 co-op PC games?   
    COD:WAW zombies...Zombiemodding.com theres are over 600 custom maps you can play. Assuming you play one a day thats still a new map for 2 years.
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    Clarkey reacted to Majestic in 4GB or 8GB VRAM for 5400x1920?   
    I'd wait for the 390X. That resolution will put too much strain on current memory bandwidths.
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    Clarkey reacted to Pheromone Kvlt. in Skyrim FPS   
    you should always cap your frames at 60 on skyrim regardless of how high you can get you framerate, the framerate is directly tied to the physics engine and once you get over 60 frame weird physics bugs will occur
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    Clarkey got a reaction from thekeemo in r9 290 Crossfire or GTX 980?   
    Msi aint crappy at all....
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    Clarkey got a reaction from Hieb in Can I run three 1080 Gsync monitors at >60FPS with this card?   
    You do realise that running 1440p monitors at 1080p while gaming will actually make it look WORSE than a standard 1080p monitor yes? That is a huge waste of money. 
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    Clarkey got a reaction from legoset0 in Is Palit Video card are not good?   
    Palit are fine. People dont think they are good because 1 they are cheaper so people automatically assume they are bad and 2 they dont put any money into marketing so they havent got thousands of fanboys like Asus and EVGA have.
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    Clarkey reacted to Hieb in Can I run three 1080 Gsync monitors at >60FPS with this card?   
    w... wh... why wo...
    why would you get 3x ROG Swift monitors and run at 1080P with a single GPU (likely to only get 60 fps)... seriously save $2500 and just get 3x 1080P 60 FPS monitors, or hell even 3x 1080P 144Hz monitors would cost around $750 altogether
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    Clarkey reacted to ace mckane in Is Palit Video card are not good?   
    All cards with large coolers will flex. Did you study physics at school?  :lol:
    I've never had an issue with Palit cards. I've owned two of their lower end cards and can't fault them. A number of my friends own some of the 7xx and 9xx series cards from Palit as well, and have had no issues to date. I'd go as far as saying that they are the best value manufacturer on the market.
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    Clarkey reacted to SeanBond in WOW. AMD GPU's To Gain 400% Performance Increase With DirectX12   
    400% increase.....on an fx-4300 cpu....
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    Clarkey got a reaction from connorpiper in Un-official GTX 760 owners club   
    That is literally the worst possible benchmark for "solid performance" ive ever seen.
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    Clarkey got a reaction from That Norwegian Guy in Evolve or Dying light?   
    Dying Light is absolutely fantastic. Best Action Zombie game that ever come out.
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    Clarkey reacted to Archangel1994 in Why do specs matter?   
    Comparing specs does NOT work between architectures/brands. It's 100% irrelevant
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    Clarkey reacted to typographie in Best Square Enix sale item   
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a must-have as far as I'm concerned.
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    Clarkey reacted to No Nrg in GTX 970 or 980?   
    If you can afford a 980 I'd go for it. It's one of the single best cards out right now IMO
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    Clarkey got a reaction from iHammmy in Lara Croft to Travel to Siberia in Rise of the Tomb Raider   
    Why not? Its coming to PC just delayed.
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    Clarkey got a reaction from ThomasD in Law Firm currently investigating Nvidia for potential Class Action.   
    The max you deserve is getting a refund.
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    Clarkey reacted to Totallycasual in Do You Think a 780ti 3GB Card Will be Enough for GTA V?   
    Game isn't out yet, people can speculate but at the end of the day you're just going to have to wait  
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    Clarkey got a reaction from Trik'Stari in Dying Light Performance Fix   
    Sort out your settings. Im running an i5 and dont get any frame drops. View distance and foliage quality are your enemies.
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    Clarkey got a reaction from GloriousPain in Which Non-Reference Card Perform Da Best?   
    Really doesnt matter. Its a 1-2 fps increase at stock anyway. Gigabyte seems to have better binning though.