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  1. but do i need an adapter or no?
  2. i have a motherboard with 2 usb 2.0 header and one 3.0 header, but my case has 3 3.0 cables. can i plug 3.oojack into a 2.0 header(and is there anything i need to worry about)
  3. and how good would a be quiet pure rock be for the cpu cooler
  4. and with that b45 MB you could replace the graphics card with an AMD one(for potential crossfire)
  5. the motherboard could be raplaced with a b450 chipset one the price diffrences arent huge and storeMI could be useful
  6. would it be worth it to geat 3200ghz ram istead of 2666 ghz (for around 40 eur )
  7. also find a power supply calculator to find the right power supply power and dont forget discs(i suggest a m.2 ssd and 1 TB HDD)
  8. depends on what you will do with it
  9. i suggest 2600 instead of 1600x x CPUs are mostly higher clocked(from what i see) which can be replaced by overclocking and 2600 is a newer version of 1600 and also a more powerful CPU cooler(if you will overcock)
  10. ok will check if i will change the motherboard
  11. seems that all ryzen CPUs are supported(all since f1 BIOS version) https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/B450M-DS3H-rev-10#support-cpu