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  1. Currently, I only have a Ryzen 3 3200g (using the integrated graphics) and was originally looking to buy a 1650 super but covid etc etc. So rn I'm thinking about buying a used 1050ti for the next year, after which prices will hopefully come down. Do you guys think it would be a significant step up for valorant or not (expecting it to cost ~£100 used)?
  2. for cs try limiting the fps (via the console (fps_max xyz)) to 60 or 100 and see if the issue remains. if there aren't any more fps drops its probably due to temps. a solution for now could be to set your fps to 120 or something, until you get the cooling pad
  3. what are your temps like? if they're good then theres no need to repaste
  4. Temps are fine though. Isn't it mainly about the temp of the VRMs on the mobo or something?
  5. Somehow, I am able to even though I shouldn't be able to. It's a software provided by ASUS. So you reckon I should keep the overclock or not?
  6. type "type c to 3.5mm male" in ebay or amazon (slightly more expensive). I would have posted a link but they're ridiculously long
  7. I have an ASUS Prime A320M-K motherboard and I am able to overclock the CPU via this utility called AI Suite 3. When I give a minor overclock, my temps for everything are in the 60s (with load, of course). So should I remove the overclock or keep it?
  8. An Athlon 3000G, 2x4GB RAM, a cheap b450 and an SSD is more than enough for his needs. It'll probably also be wayyyy less than 500.
  9. Apparently Zen 3 will be announced at Computex later this year (end of September) so when do you guys think they will start being sold? At the same time (since they've probably been delayed due to COVID-19) or sometime in October?
  10. This is my first time applying thermal paste to a CPU and I'm wondering how do you know if you've applied it correctly (so it covers the whole of the CPU). Once you've screwed on the CPU cooler, can you take it off and check the CPU and just screw it back on?
  11. I searched up "dual psu cable" on youtube and there seems to be a lot of videos on the topic so try those. Good luck with the build!
  12. Hi I decided to overclock my amd cpu and then used negative voltage offset to keep temps low whilst idling. Initially i used offset of -0.05V and everything worked fine and temps were lower as well. However, when I rebooted the pc, I would hear the POST beep, but the PC would just shut down again and just keep rebooting. Luckily I could get into the BIOS and so I lowered the voltage offset (to - 0.04V) and then the PC booted. However, the next time I rebooted, again the same problem occurred so I lowered all the way to -0.02V. Again after reboot the same problem occurred so this time I increas
  13. So I'm pretty new to overclocking and decided to go ahead and try it by changing the BCLK Frequency (changed it to 105) . I did find a massive performance increase in games but now temps are really high just using chrome. Is it bad to keep changing the frequency because I'm thinking of having it set high when I know i'll be playing games and then lowering it back to 100 when I know i wont be playing?
  14. So I have this pc I'm upgrading (Asus b250mk mobo and amd a10 9700) and am wishing to add an RX570 4gb (specifically this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/XFX-Radeon-RX570-Internal-Graphic/dp/B06Y64PV2X/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=rx+570&qid=1576950307&sr=8-5) The thing is though I'm worried about whether it will fit headroom wise (the card is supposed to be 4cm). Here's an image (sorry for abysmal quality) https://m.imgur.com/a/qsTVxBX Any help would be appreciated
  15. OK so say I have dual channel memory (2x4gb) and I'm just surfing the web (using less than 4gb) so will the memory be stored in just 1 stick of RAM or be split equally in both sticks?
  16. So I'm getting an Athlon 200GE to play casual esports (mainly CS:GO). I know that dual channel memory is important for APUs but I've seen benchmarks on YouTube where the amount of RAM being used doesn't exceed 4GB or when it does is only usually like 0.1GB more and I won't be having any background applications running (ie Discord etc). So should I be getting dual channel memory or should I just stick with single channel? Also, is it true that "Dual channel memory's benefits have nothing to do with the amount of memory."?