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  1. Thanks for your awesome answer but it seems msi afterburner simply doesn't support voltage control from unknown brands. I checked unlock voltage and did some research but couldn't active it. For now I just limit my gpu to 85% of its power so its temp should be around 70 degree.
  2. Hello. I bought the cheapest rtx 2060 I could find a few months ago before gpu shortage reach this stage but it was already begin and even though it have 2 fans I think they cheap out on paste and it is reaching 80-83 degree under full load. This is a temporary gpu so I don't want to open it but when I tried to undervolt it in msi after burner core voltage part is not active, is there anyway else to undervolt my gpu? Its model is Arktek rtx 2060 and I'm using it on a x570 board.
  3. Try to clear your motherboard cmos, works most of times. If you don't know how to do it just search your motherboard name plus clear cmos in google and you should get a link to your motherboard manufacturer site.
  4. Have you updated cyberpunk to 1.0.6? Also install msi after burner and see how many of your cpu cores are active in game and how much of your gpu it is using.
  5. Hello. I have this problem that I'm running a game at 200+ fps and if I click in second monitor my frame will drops to 20, that 20fps is fixed and never changes. The same thing happens on second monitor too, if I'm watching a video or youtube and even click on desktop of first monitor video will become a laggy mess. Already tried everything I found on internet. Disabled g-sync, disabled hardware accelerator for discord and made sure my monitors refresh rate are multiple of each other. My specs: R5 3600x. 32gb ddr4 3200mhz cl 16. RTX 2060 x570
  6. Don't puts too much value on smart access memory, with AMD own benchmarks it give you 3-4% more performance which is not much. And base on Moore's law is dead rx 6800 will be faster than 3070 all the times and it have double the amount of vram. GL on your build.
  7. Soon 3rd gen ryzen prices will drop so you can easily pick something like 3600, 16gb of 3000mhz ram a solid psu and one of those gpus but don't try 2tb nvme ssd or other things like that.
  8. I searched a lot and I only find a single psu above tier C in my country and it was Antec HCG 750w gold. In first post it said that this model have problem with high power consuming gpus like vega does that mean it have power with new gpus like rtx 3080/3070 or rx 6800/xt?
  9. Then go with rtx 2060, at lease you can use ray tracing with it.
  10. Rx 5600 xt have lower power consumption than rx 580 but your current gpu is not that bad, I recommend waiting for next gen gpu to launch. 60 and 50 class cards should be in market at near Christmas and have good stock as well.
  11. I only used hyper 212 and arctic freezer 12,34. All of them are perfectly good for cooling a r5 3600 but in term of looks I would either pick hyper 212 turbo black or arctic freezer 34. Also look for your case info hyper 212 is a little taller than arctic freezer 34.
  12. Hello. My gpu only have 3 ports and I want to pick a 3rd monitor but its 3rd port is a DVI-D and I want to convert it to either HDMI or VGA. Which one will have better color accuracy cause its important for my work and I'm using this monitor if you need it. I can buy this adapter for DVI to VGA: And I could only find passive adapter for DVI to HDMI. Thanks for help
  13. Best 4k 144hz monitor in market is Lg 27gn950. It have very good color accuracy and HDR 600. If you want 1440p 144hz go for LG 27gn850. Both are factory calibrated and if you want to do rendering or other color accurate works just pick IPS panels. Don't go for any other panel type.
  14. New gpus will be out in 3 days, so wait for them, also I recommend 1660s. Newer card so it will be support much longer than 1070 on top of that it performs better in dx12 titles.
  15. 1- Yes I'm talking about ryzen 7 3700x. And it performs literally the same as r7 3800x, just watch some benchmarks. 2- I mean cpu cooler than you buy separately, yes the cpu comes with a cpu cooler than is enough, if you don't have any more money just keep using it. 3- It's not very good, also 3600 rams are 5-6 usd more expensive. 4- b550 is not the cheaper version of x570, thats why I said pay up to 180usd for a b550 motherboard, if you want to pay more gigabyte x570 elite and asus x570 tuf are around 200usd and are very good boards with better features. 5- rtx 3000 series will hav