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  1. Updated, sorry... Forgot about that :C
  2. Hello everyone! I have an issue with my 7ish(?) year old MSI R9 390X OC 8G. Since I got her(new) she maybe once in a month decided to shut down my computer completely(Power Cutoff and I had to manually restart the PSU for the computer to turn on again). I didn't worry to much, cause I was googling the issue and other people had it as well, so I just thought it's the game. This happened only when I was playing Planetside 2, after a while I received from my friend his game-settings and that seemed to have fixed it.(Tuning down effects in general). So ruffly since 3 years I had no iss
  3. Hello everyone, I have a question!~ My specs: CPU FX-8370 Mainboard MSI 970 Gaming Grafic MSI R9 390X OC 8G Ram 16GB I have extremely low FPS in ArmA (Doesn't matter if low or ultra), but other games run perfectly fine at ultra settings. For example GTA5(Even with Redux) - Rust - The Forrest - Just Cause I was wondering if anyone knows if I can improve my FPS in Arma 3 without actually changing any hardware? I know it's a silly question, but maybe there are some tweaks... or magic system changes I have missed? Or is my computer just