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  1. I wonder if RAM affect the quality in games, like does it enhance the quality (sharper, more details, ...) or it's just help with the fps.
  2. You buy everything new but you not replace everything new, driver is pretty simple but also complicated, you tried reinstall the AMD Driver yet? (and make sure you have everything updated in Windows)
  3. Make sure that your PC system file is completely error free (sfc /scannow) (dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth) I remember I had the same issue as you except the BSOD poped up anytime it's like, so this is how I fixed it: turn off the PC, pull out the cable cord and RAM, then I hold down the power button for about 1 minute (30 seconds if u like) then put one RAM in and boot up to BIOS only (play it safe) then turn off after you land in the desktop, and repeat the step, note: always hold down the power button before placing each RAM in, when you done doing all of it, prepare a clean Win
  4. It's not the thing that make your PC Crash as you can see here, non critical: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/fix-distributedcom-error-10016-windows/
  5. Your Power Supply is also too weak, do something about it or you will not live in peace.
  6. Some old data still being stored on one of your PC Component, you must do something to get rid of it data, I would say that the ''replacing RAM method is pretty reliable'' also the ''Hold down the power button'' are too, RAM is the thing you want to look into first, I guess?
  7. I wonder if the front panel audio jack affect other component in the case... Like if I am carelessly move my head too far away from the case reach then Will it's dammage other component in the case as well? (ex: decrease performance of the pc, causing blue screen, .....)
  8. GDDR5 are standard right now and I would choose HD 8570 2GB GDDR5
  9. I just use a 3rd party driver updater and it say a lot of driver that need to be updating, including the one that I dont even know it exist, I scan for driver update using Device manager and its say that all my driver are already up to date, but the 3rd party driver updater does not, should I use the driver updater? Will I get blue screen or system malfunction, ... ?? I really need an answer because I always want my PC to be up to date as possible!
  10. I just found out that when in NBA 2K20 lobby during 'laggy moment'', the GPU usage is 98~100% and the CPU is about 3~4% !!!
  11. Hey I just go into the BIOS and Disable integrated graphics and now the game only lag just a little bit after a few minutes playing (slow and stuttering but not too much like the first one) And I also just reinstall Windows 10 :)
  12. So.. If I reinstall Windows do you think I will solve this issue? or I have to dive deeper into the motherboard (or even replacing it which I dont want to do :((