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  1. Take ram out and place back in. Reset bios. This might fix the issue.
  2. So you know how you can stream a program like a game from a pc to your laptop well its got some issues. So for a while now ive been able to stream a program from steam to my laptop and minimise the program to gain full control over the desktop... yep that's not meant to happen. Since valve hasn't fix this security flaw for some months since is discovered it I want to make it publicly known cause imagine if someone gain control over your steam account and could gain full control over your steam server through this exploit.
  3. The 8 core fam ryzen 1700 8 core $130 ryzen 2700 8 core $200 ryzen 3800x 8 core $300 ryzen 3900x 12 core 24 thread $500 - requires new motherboard with built in fan thats arround $200-300 so not really consumer since threadripper is cheaper. The 6 core fam Ryzen 1600 6 core $120 Ryzen 2600 6 core $130-140 Ryzen 3600 6 core price unknown The Intel fam I9 9900k 8 cores 16 thread beats all amd 7nm whilst being 14nm $$$ i9 9900ks 8 core 16 thread mostly for kill stealing as said
  4. What is the average Unigine Heaven Benchmark for GTX 1080s? I recently tested my PC and started wondering if its good or bad for a GTX 1080 asus rog strix. Would love to see others score, especially with recent drivers as I feel like my GTX 1080 got a performance increase since the last time I used Unigine Heaven Benchmark.