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  1. Fzone


    Hello. So this is a question for people who managed to snag themselves a ps5. I will try to get one as soon as it becomes avaible. Now i want to know if anyone experienced gpu artifacs since i saw vids of it. Im wondering if the gpu bugs will be fixed till about summer 2021 or earlier? And how the policy works of refunds or repairs.
  2. Fzone


    But you hears that stuff i talked about at the last sec of video. It wasnt rly loud but it was hearable.
  3. Fzone


    It is hgst drive i think.
  4. Fzone


    Here this is my drive actually. I think you can hear a little bit what im talking about but not much. This was while watching netflix. 20201226_234824_1.mp4
  5. Fzone


    Ps4 slim has hdd on the outside actually. Coverdd by piece of plastic. When u face fron of the ps4 hdd is located on the left backside of the console.
  6. Fzone


    Its a ps4 drive that is almost full. I cant test it without loosing 800gb of content... but i did not see any diff in loading screens or textures. Still works same as when i got it.
  7. Fzone


    Ty. When i asked a friend if he heard it he said no. Thats what got me disturbed. Its a ps4 hard drive so either he rly does not have it or he just cant hear it from the fan noise.
  8. Fzone


    Not mine drive. Just found some dude on yt with same noise. But mine does it aleo but not as often as that one.
  9. Fzone


    Is this normal hdd sound when i suppose it writes data? https://youtu.be/oyRGzDrMLlA
  10. Hello. So few days after 8.03 uodate i was welcomed with cannot start ps4 insert uodate file 8.03 to continue. Pressed ok and ps4 restarted and powered up. Now my question is does rebuilding database work on hdds that are tend to die or does it take longer time. Mine does it in 2-4 mins like before. Can someone help me out what it could be that caused that to happen?
  11. Fzone

    Ps4 slim

    Forgot to say i dont have safe mode loop. It turns on after that
  12. Fzone

    Ps4 slim

    Hello. So i havent played my ps4 for 2 days now. Came today and turned it on jist for it to start in safe mode checking for system storage for some reason. Console is always turned off so there cant be power outages. Came into ac origins today and just wondering is it normal to take for the game about 1min to load from present day back to egypt.
  13. Anyone know what this white dots on the ps4 slim are while playing origins? https://youtu.be/y1qpIDBWLaM
  14. Is this stuff normal? Just watch till end of video and you will see some kind of blue line on the bottom. Playing on ps4 slim
  15. Fzone

    Ps5 tv

    Hello so im planning to get myself a ps5 in january/february. Now i want to ask can i coonect ps5 to sony bravia kdl40w605b(tv that i have in my room and use for ps4 slim). Now im not into that 4k high frames im fine with 1080p 30fps. In any case i can swap on samsung 4k tv in living room. But since i have all my consoles in my room with my sony bravia tv im wondering if i can get one more console to that collection.
  16. Fzone

    Ps4 and tv stand

    Hi so i bought new stand for my ps4 and tv and just wondering if this is enough open to put ps4 in considering it needs much airflow. It should go into this space but i dunno if its safe.
  17. Hello. Anyone else experiencing weird flickering like texture or lighting pop in like on this vid. Camera is mostly focused on that. Game is on ps4 slim disc version https://youtu.be/QXzC2eiHBG8
  18. Oh ok thank you very much. Does it depends on the file size aswell, how much time it will take to get out?
  19. Hello so disc version of miles morales came to me today. When i put it in it reads the disc but i forgot that i had to install a game for brother before. So i ejected it. It comes out at normal speed but it takes about 5-6 secbefore it sends it out. Then i installed the game and it comes out normally. Is that normal to happen?
  20. Fzone


    Is it normal to take ps4 slim about 25sec to load up tlou2 from screen menu to tittle screen and then about min and idk how many sec to jump into game?
  21. Here https://youtu.be/F20XDVlTinU
  22. I might record a bit of free roam on the day with ps4share and post it on brother yt channel so you can deduce if there is anything wrong or all fine
  23. So that little flickering or whatever happens. Not sure if its flickering since i saw some yt vids in flickering and its mucj worse like literally trees popping in and out all the time. So we can say that is normal for ps4 what i posted on vid?