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  1. I guess its judt game issue for ps4 then
  2. Not mine all vids i found on yt for ps4 have all that while vids with xone and pc dont.
  3. No. I saw other fes vids with ssme thing. Tho funny its only on ps4 didmt notice on xone or pc.
  4. Hi anybody knows what that black stuff is that is appearing. Im playimg on ps4 slim.
  5. Hello. Can anyone who plays the game on ps4 tell me if during the game they can hear hdd all the time doing stuff honestly its my first time that i hear hdd reading so much
  6. Fzone

    Rdr2 ps4

    I dont need an article just wanna know if its game related or console related problem? If you can explain pls.
  7. Fzone

    Rdr2 ps4

    Hello anyone know what those weird stuff on mirror is? Im on the ps4 slim. It only looks like that in fps camera mode. 20210305_232854.mp4
  8. Seems like putting tv to general instead of game mode fixed it completely. Dont have pc like you do but general helped. I habe sony bravia kdl40w605b and it seems like game mode makes only picture better or in this case worse no lag beetween controller and tv. Thank you for the time
  9. Here a new video if you can see anythinf simillae to the first vid 20210221_003602.mp4
  10. Hmm i did tone down sharpness down and it seems like its gone or just reduced to where i cant clearly see it that much but i forgot to note that it stops flickering like that ehen i stop moving or close in on where it flickers.
  11. Ah i have a laptop not pc il try turning down sharpness.
  12. It is a tv and i cant see it in vid. You suggest turning down sharpnwss?
  13. Wait its a normal thing? You cant rly see it much when recording with ps4 shareplay or somethinf like that most of yt videos you cant see it either
  14. Hello anyone else noticed in hzd that grass or vegetation is like flickering or something like that when moving around. This is vid but it cant be seen rly well i think it is best to watch on left side of screen. 20210220_214445.mp4
  15. Hello just quick question. Are these white dots on trees in rdr2 a normal. Someone already said they are as it has to do with lightning shining through foliage or something like that. 20210215_220923.mp4