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  1. But weirdly enough it happened in cutscene it was side mission to find chef tulio when i activated that crank and small cutscene rolled in when issue persisted but when going back to actual game issue was resolved but when restarted it didnt happen in the cutscene also.
  2. Im telling you just a game restart fixed it xD even when i passef the point i went back through manual load to check if it happend again and it didnt. Rly felt weird. But glas that restart fixed it
  3. Hi, so i was playing rift apart and there was cutscene where some grass started to pop in and flicker, i tried all visual modes still same but restarting the game fixed it, what could habe causwd that? I didnt take any footage of it.
  4. Hello. Wonderimg what this could be? Is this z fighting two textures on top of each other fighting which one will be primary texture? VID_20210918_234711.mp4
  5. Fzone

    Ps5 bluray

    found where the issue lied for me i knew that 3 cant be normal and it isnt. My drive was dirty if i blow discs go in normally but that doesent hold more than 3 4 inserts so i tried trick from ps4 era some q tip and alcohol but that wouldnt hold aswell and turns out my drive was geting dusty through hole on manual eject screw i didnt have the sticker there or how sony calls it circular dust cover, put a round sticker on it and it works like a charm now.
  6. Hello i wanna ask about ps5 slow disc insert disc would be sucked in slowly, until i blow into the drive then the disc would go in normally, but thats not permament fix after some time slow disc sucking would be back and i have to blow again are the rollers rly that sensitive to a slight dust buildup?
  7. Fzone

    Ps5 bluray

    Hmmm i blowed into the disc drive and it was taking discs normally like it did day one but only for some time
  8. Hello. Can someone help me out. So i noticed on my disc drive that cd goes out fine while the insert has for me like 3 stages of how the disk can go in. I will line them. 1. All normal with even speed 2. Same as 1 just the last end of disc goes in bit slower. 3. Its a very rare ocassion can happen 2-3 times in maybe 20 disc inserts and eject disc goes halfway in and then it stops for 1-2 sec before more louder sound than usual comes from disc drive. Like it has to use much more power to suck the disc in. Console is standing upside on the stand. Anyone else with similar experience or knows h
  9. Hi is the ps5 supposed to be dead silent? Im sitting about 2-3 meters from it and when there are some lower volume parts of the game i can hear rly slight fan noise nothing extraordinary just slight fan noise. I have a type c fan one from sony teardown video but it still has 23 blades. So is the noise normal? This is the noise, ticking sound is the clock. VID_20210822_113032(0).mp4
  10. Hello is it normal lets call it that disc "lags" a bit before going all the way into the disc drive. It happens close to the end of the video. VID_20210817_224733(0).mp4
  11. Fzone


    No need talked with insomniac admin on discord he thinks its just a minor lightning issue happens at day only so it probably is.
  12. Fzone


    Artifacting happens across all screen right? Also game doesent have any ps5 updated enchantments so i guess it could also be a backwards compability bug.
  13. Fzone


    My guess is that problem is caused by ps5 backwards compability
  14. Fzone


    Hi are these graphics artifacts on my ps5. Spiderman thats in question is ps4 played via backwards compability. https://youtu.be/vO9aNfA_xJM