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    Gegger reacted to TVwazhere in Moderators on the Forum   
    I am very glad I clicked play (for once, I usually ignore most of these videos because, well, they tend to be anime garbage not my thing personally)
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    Gegger reacted to wkdpaul in Experiences with non-techies   
    My next move message ;
    * your thread was moved to the guh-puh section *
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    Gegger reacted to minibois in My 8 year old son has discovered LTT !   
    That's awesome!
    Awesome great to find a hobby or passion to share with a parent!
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    Gegger reacted to Skiiwee29 in 1.09842 bitcoin worth right now?...   
    <-- Thread Locked -->
    Please don't post unnecessary threads that have no constructive value to the community. 
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    Gegger reacted to wkdpaul in The Endlessness of Hidden Comments   
    Shitposting about a troll post ? Why ?
    * thread locked *
    Report that posts in the screenshot as trolling if necessary, taking a screenshot and posting it on the forum is completely pointless, and isn't allowed, from the posting guidelines ;
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    Gegger reacted to Eschew in Are Forums still a thing in 2021??   
    Hey there! Warm welcome to the forums. 😁
    Methinks forums are currently relevant, yes. Especially for a tech-related forum like LTT. New advances in tech are made every year and there's always something to discuss, sooo I don't see this specific forum dying out any time soon. 😁
    For forums vs. apps, the way I see it, forums are very open, very public platforms for in-depth discussions. If I want to engage with a larger pool of people and gather cohesive and thorough thoughts from others, or if I want to contribute my lengthy opinions to someone else's existing topic, then methinks a forum is a good place to start. Topics on troubleshooting and asking for general guidance immediately comes to mind; tapping into other people's experiences and perspectives often sheds new angles/approaches to the subject the poster might not have considered before.
    Then there are places like Discord and Instagram for other types of content and purposes -- mostly instant messaging and sharing media/art/photography respectively. A quick comment, a casual gathering of like-minded peepos, to broadly advertise a person/brand's online influence, a place to simply consume eye-catching content, so on and so forth.
    Not to mention that the text editor/upload features of a forum versus an instant messaging app are quite radically different. Limited/unlimited character input, embeds, limited/unlimited media sharing/storage/supported file types, HMTL/BBCode/LaTeX/markdown formatting etc. Certain features may be included or cut out from a platform based it's particular needs and purposes.
    TLDR: Different social platforms contain different types of audiences and are outfitted for different purposes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Gegger reacted to Arika S in Are Forums still a thing in 2021??   
    You know where you are right? 
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    Gegger reacted to Spotty in Moderators on the Forum   
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    Gegger reacted to GDRRiley in Moderators on the Forum   
    its had its day so feed it again. and no the little spam bots don't count
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    Gegger reacted to SansVarnic in Moderators on the Forum   
    It got fairly engorged this time around, said it needed a day or two to recover. Honestly, I think it's out seeking companionship, damn thing already has spawned one litter. 
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    Gegger reacted to GDRRiley in Moderators on the Forum   
    I really enjoy the quite
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    Gegger reacted to TVwazhere in Moderators on the Forum   
    Obligatory ignoring the lock post

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    Gegger reacted to Schnoz in Experiences with non-techies   
    This conversation happened a while ago at school before everything shut down due to COVID-19:
    Them: "Will this guh-puh work with my PC?"

    Me: "Wait, what? I think I misheard."
    Them: "I said, will this guh-puh work with my PC?"
    Me: "I...still don't get it."
    Them: *holds up a picture of a GPU which they were pronouncing as guh-puh*
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    Gegger reacted to GDRRiley in Moderators on the Forum   
    that doesn't mean it can't be fed more though, why not indulge it?
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    Gegger reacted to SansVarnic in Moderators on the Forum   
    Your wish has been granted.
    BTW my banhammer was fed recently so its satisfied atm, notice the normal pfp. <community sighs in relief> 
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    Gegger reacted to GDRRiley in Moderators on the Forum   
    I'm cool with that
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    Gegger reacted to LogicalDrm in Moderators on the Forum   
    If it was up to me, the lock from month ago would be permanent.
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    Gegger reacted to GDRRiley in Moderators on the Forum   
    the time wasting may continue
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    Gegger reacted to GDRRiley in Moderators on the Forum   
    clearly too much time wasted today so think about your actions.
    Mods enjoy this thread being quite 
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    Gegger reacted to Spotty in Moderators on the Forum   
    We really need to find you a new hobby. 
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    Gegger reacted to Kawaii Koneko in LGBT community   
    So I posted a while back about this trans girl I was really into and yeah, it ended up not working out. Turns out she had issues I guess. Commitment issues among other things. 
    But I happened to meet another girl who happens to be trans. And yeah, we really hit it off. Like super hit it off.  This girl is just something else. Putting aside how freaking adorable she is, we just see eye to eye on so many things. We share so many of the same values and want the same things in life. Idk. Like, we just had this instant connection and I found myself sharing things with her that I've never really shared with other people and she shared things with me that she said she only ever told one other person. Like, we just connect on such an intimate level.
    Anyway, yeah I asked her out and she said yes. So we are dating. Actually, her response was quite hilarious when I asked her. We had been bonding so much and there was this obvious tension so when I asked her she was like "Are you freaking kidding me? You better not be joking right now". Lol.
    My parents though... I love them but I'm so disappointed. We have debated in the past about trans related issues and I never thought my parents were "transphobic" or bigoted. I just thought they had their beliefs. Like, I get that some people are really focused on the DNA. I don't think believing trans people are just confused makes you a bad person. I think it shows you are ignorant of psychology and science but I don't think it is necessarily out of a place of hate. But now with my parents, they won't even look at a picture of this girl. They refuse to have any conversation where she comes up. They don't even want to meet her. All this because she is trans. To me, that is the point where you cross the line between having a certain belief on the matter to actually being a bit of a bigot.
    The thing is, this girl is so sweet and understanding that she just brushes this off. She is used to rejection because people just can't accept trans identity. It makes me feel sad and angry. Idk. It just sucks my parents won't even accept my relationship because my gf is trans. They don't get that she is just like any other girl, just born a little different. They keep saying things like she is pretending and all kinds of other things. Idk why people get so hung up on this when it doesn't even effect them.
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    Gegger reacted to TVwazhere in Moderators on the Forum   
    When I first became a Mod in 2019 I have the moderator, Floatplane Pilot and Bitwit badges all under my user name. It was disgustingly long
    I cant find a screen shot but I'm pretty sure I took one
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    Gegger reacted to wkdpaul in Moderators on the Forum   
    Not gold, but I've seen silver and bronze members that got the boot.
    Paying to have perks doesn't make someone above the rules (when that happens, we issue a refund on the current month and cancel the subscription).
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    Gegger reacted to TVwazhere in Moderators on the Forum   
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    Gegger reacted to Den-Fi in Moderators on the Forum   
    I'm fine the way I am, thanks.