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Everything posted by Gegger

  1. hi again

    still not dead

    still too lazy to check notifs

    pls have nice day

  2. im alive


    737 notifs


    too lazy to check on succy tablet


    now to poof again

  3. Mmmmm schoolios blocked the forums


    now you know why I may poof for extended periods of time


    time to rack up notifications

    1. soldier_ph


      VPNs are your Best friend ! Except of course they were also blocked on a Device basis. Am gonna get Proton VPN myself because they are worlds famous Proton Mail and they're a Swiss Company. https://protonvpn.com/

  4. kek my cronbok internet somehow died and now I can't connect to internet


    and now i'm stuck on a crapbook air...



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    2. Mateyyy
    3. Schnoz


      I read chronbook and immediately thought of a laptop with Crohn's disease. In a way, that's what most cornbooks are.

    4. Bombastinator


      Eww. Millions of tiny sores inside your butt.  My dad had that.  Meant there was a whole bunch of stuff he couldn’t eat.

  5. ...at least 75% of us cannot speak/understand that...and boogle translate is not very useful providing a rough english translation or at least telling us what you were doing would be helpful from context clues it looks like where you want the program to be installed or something? that is purely based off context clues and is probably wrong
  6. not that I know of, but I'm not all that experienced in folding things (well, except for origami)
  7. if you look next to the cause preference dropdown, it says stuff about you aren't guaranteed to always be working on cancer WUs
  8. I fourth that! with 0 points per day b'cos my kroambrix hates me
  9. smol rant


    kek so if you have your camera off during band without a good reason, you get kicked out of the meeting room and an F for the day, and you get called out in front of your classmates for that :<


    overreaction very much?


    also, kroambuks simply do not run zoom when you have schoolwork open in another window! あああああああああああああああああ


    end smol rant

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    2. Gegger


      the main problem is that I can't even show up to class if my camera is on 100% of the time, it crashes a lot. I also don't get provided a rubric for what I need to emphasize and look for when playing...so I'm just going off "tone quality, rhythm, dynamics". while that's better than nothing it's waaaaay worse than an actual rubric. like which one should I prioritize? I don't know why I'm getting a 2 over a 3 (we grade on 4-1 scale, 4 being highest)...the feedback the teacher gives in class isn't much to go off of.


      as for the fines, we have quite a few, shall we say lower class students at my school so fining students is unreasonable and would probably raise red flags with administration and likely the government too


      faculty/staff are thankfully being mostly understanding about missed homework, lots of tech problems and craziness this year


      prolly gonna not do band next year, I'm losing patience tbh...

    3. Schnoz


      Playing an instrument definitely takes a lot of dedication, and I agree from firsthand experience that the teacher is instrumental to someone's success. (My 8th grade orchestra teacher had a Vectrex on his desk, he was a really nice guy.) If the teacher isn't good at their job, then it can make people give up really quickly.

    4. soldier_ph



      is instrumental to someone's success

      I see what you did there 👀

  10. perhaps but methinks it's too vague
  11. gonna draw your attention to this: age counts as personal information...so
  12. young enough to be immature but old enough to be mature when I need to but...HS student don't wanna give my exact age, and rules exist :￱p
  13. do any of y'all have any good compass recommendations? my boogle-fu is not strong today. the drawing kind of compass, not the navigational ones.


    been stuck with a $5 one that was good at first but now it doesn't even hold the point in place :<


    being mostly metal would be nice, but plastic is fine if it will hold up and not snap in half like my old one (/w\)


    thonks very much for any recommendations :3

  14. Getting started is always the hardest part for me...regardless of art or school assignments...Is also pretty hard to get me pumped about something I do enjoy but once I get a chunk done I get tired and sick of it. Generally I just go "fuck it" and start working at an ungodly hour, or 10 minutes before it's due. Then I can usually keep my attention on that until it's finished or mostly done. Having people I have a close relationship with as the person the thing is "for" helps a bit...Motivation is a tricky thing...can't always find it. Good luck
  15. you don't need to be a professional to lead the linus spoon team
  16. sleep, longingly stare at keeb and pc parts on pcpp, die, do homework wrestle with the doggo, she do be stronk
  17. Plenty of people have links in their sig, including me and very many mooderators. there is a max of 10 links, IIRC
  18. for "our current situation" to go die...but obviously that's not going to happen so... a mech keeb or a pc that doesn't come bundled with school spyware and isn't made of corn (both figuratively and literally, methinks the chassis has materials originating from corn in it) other hobby stuff like 3d printer and raspi 4 + other things would be nice, but that's prolly not gonna happen unless I buy it myself and parents don't let me do that oh, and the damn year to be over!
  19. dear zoom,


    99.4% video packet loss is not how you do meetings


    sincerely, gweg

    1. Schnoz


      teacher: "here's a passage for you to read, I's screenshared right nnow"


      the text: all censored by amazing zoom video quality

    2. soldier_ph


      I'm so fucking relieved that we have the MS Office 365 Business suite again from school so we would use Teams/Skype should we have to go back into lockdown. Zoom is just a security nightmare.

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    2. Techstorm970


      @MewMew My immediate family has a similar issue.  Not to such an extreme, (no conspiracy theorists to my knowledge!) but both my mom and dad have egos fragile enough that when an event directly challenges their life philosophy, they don't handle it well.  Unfortunately, a traumatic event of that nature happened to me in high school and their struggle to be at all helpful or supportive afterwards kinda forced me to grow up early.


      Now I'm stuck in a situation where I'm more mature than most of my peers and need to check myself to make sure I don't judge them too harshly.  (Basically I tend to see most of the early Gen Z-ers, my generation, as naive and/or overly sensitive.  And I hate when people "cope" by whining their asses off.)


      My dad is very logical and intelligent, but inherited the stereotypical, broken 1950s-era philosophy on dealing with emotions from his father.  (My mom's perceptiveness and emotional intelligence keeps him sane lol!)  My mom grew up in a bubble (not really by choice, to be fair) and ends up being kinda gullible to conspiracy theories as a result.  My dad and I keep her grounded so she hasn't bought into most of them, thankfully.  She also gets uncomfortable with associating with non-Christians and tries to push that on my sister and I.  That annoys me to no end because, while most of the Christians I've met have been awesome, the worst person I (and she) have ever known was also a Christian.  I just shake my head and go, "How do you not see that it's not that simple?  Some of your own experiences disprove your philosophy!"


      I've also noticed a mass majority of the ones i do know only want to confirm their own bias and disregard any opposing opinion that hurts their shaky belief system

      My experience with people with (legitimately) far-left or ultra-liberal political views has always been like this.  They're not the only ones, just the examples I run into most frequently.  If, in your mind, historical lessons and practical needs consistently take a back seat to ideology or especially to a politician's "enDEAriNG peRSoNaLiTy," then I probably disagree with most of your views.  Seriously, one can simultaneously be both a really nice person and a complete fucking idiot.  Otherwise, I've just seen too many examples of ideas that sound nice in theory going horribly wrong in practice due to [insert overlooked, unfixable problem here].  (To tie into history, that's literally the Soviet Union in a nutshell; a concept that sounded nice but quickly went to hell in a handbasket for human nature reasons.)

    3. MewMew


      I don't know why Christians and anti-mask seem to be a matching pair.

      Exact same situation.

      Ironically my mother is mentally retarded, (to an extent) and believes in wearing a mask, while the woman who raised me is frivolously against wearing one: christian and conspiratorial.

      These people aren't stupid. I'm convinced they have high narcissistic tendencies and lack an* emotional intelligence. 

    4. soldier_ph


      Absolutely brilliant and spot on 👌