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  1. Maybe start a seperate topic for this? I'll be glad to dig into this later this weekend some more, i'll try to reach out to you then.
  2. how did i manage to post this in the wrong frickin post. rip me.
  3. You can try to bend the pins back, it is tedious and i usually use a razorblade personally. But if you're just looking for "good mobos" for an older series like that you're going to struggle. Luckily for you that was a super common series, and any motherboard with a compatible chipset and adequate cpu power. Since your chip only needs 95 watts I believe a single 4 pin is enough power but i could be wrong thats just off the top of my head.
  4. Whats the rest of your system specs?
  5. you would be better off with a dual molex adapter in my experience. the only real difference between 6 and 8 pin pcie connectors is the number of ground cables. Although your single 6 pin may be enough to power your card it is pushing the spec to the limit. If you have easy access to a molex adapter i would use it as it will be within a few watts within the max draw on an 8 pin and AS LONG AS YOU DON"T OVERCLOCK THE GPU (factory overclock should be fine) this should suit you fine. I used to use a molex adapter and a dual 6 pin to 8 pin to power my 1080 in my old build. edit: sp
  6. Hey Ryan, This is the other Ryan from the comments page. I'll take a look at this in more detail this weekend, and get back to you then. Thanks for the invite and finally getting me on the forums P.S. my initials are also RMT..... small world lol. Edit: The only current dell i have is an inspirion gaming laptop and i'll look into if that has a similar issue. Otherwise I can compare and try to dig into this some more, i'll give you an update this weekend.