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  1. 10 hours ago, WereCatf said:

    Hardware Unboxed has. You'll be hovering between 40FPS and 50FPS, not reaching 60.


    I tried to run the numbers and i just want someone to test it out for me.
    According to the numbers of the Hardware Unboxed videos (both of them):


    2560x1440 on an 3060ti reached :

    71 FPS on medium/49 FPS on ultra without RT and no DLSS (so about 30% loss or a 40% gain depending from where we start)

    - 52 FPS on ultra + medium RT + DLSS Quality (a gain of 6% compared to ultra without RT and DLSS)


    The jump from quality DLSS to balanced seems to be around 15% +FPS


    Toms Hardware compared Superwide resolution and UItrawide and most of the time it seems to be around a 23% FPS hit.


    So if my math is right, 3440x1440 with medium settings + RT: medium + DLSS Balanced should be:


    52 * 1.4 * 1.06 * 1.15 * 0.77 = 68


    I do understand that it is very much just theoretical. But I would really hope that someone would try this and give me their impressions.

  2. 3 hours ago, i_build_nanosuits said:

    Ohh god no...I have a 1080ti with 2560x1440 monitor only and I have to turn off some stuff and use medium settings to reach 60fps...

    With this card and monitor you'll have a hard time reaching 30fps on low.


    But anyways the game is boring, the story makes no sense and the controls are bad...it's a cheap game with upgraded graphics.



    Hm, i run it at the moment on medium 1080p ultrawide on a mix of low and medium settings and manage 45 out in the dense streets and nearly 60 indoors.

    And personally I love the game and till this point (6 hours playtime) it is everything i hoped for. Not sure what you mean about the controls. Personally I'm only saddened that the time for upgrading came earlier than i hoped.

  3. Hi,

    because of Cyberpunk 2077 i really need to upgrade my aging rig (i5 7600k + 1070 ti). I want to play on 1440 ultra wide. And to be honest i would like to spend as little as possible.

    I was wondering if a 3060ti could be enough with following settings: RayTracing Medium, DLSS Balanced and i would like to reach the 60 FPS mark. Has anyone tried if this is possible? I know that my CPU might also need an upgrade but thats something i want to adress later next summer.


    Can maybe someone with that card and the game test if this works out?

  4. 2 hours ago, WereCatf said:

    Personally, I prefer the full-blown x86-build for such because it can then do a lot more than just run a NAS, like e.g. one can run a Plex Media Server on it, various virtual-machines, one's own, private cloud-storage and so on and so forth. That said, if you just want a NAS without all those extras, then a full-blown x86-build would be kind of a waste.

    I was thinking to use OMV with maybe nextcloud. Plex is not a must and i sure dont need a 4k stream (i dont even own a TV and I wont have one for the next 10 years at least) but would be a nice to  have. I primarly want the basic functions of a NAS and the most nice to haves for the least amount of money. Excluding the drives 300 is for me the absolute most i'd pay for that project. At the moment i do have a spare 550W Bronze PSU and a spare small sized mATX case with 4 bays (could be hacked easily to host more). But that isnt much. I'm not a fan of buying used (had some bad experience with that). So atm the parts i'd go for right now if x86 are a 50€ AM4 Board with 6 Sata and 1 NVMe M.2, the 50€ Athlon GE and 20€ 4GB RAM. What i like about the ARM-aproch is the size. I really love downsizing my stuff (already planing on an watercooled ITX-Gaming build in a 12l Case as soon as the pandemic is over).

  5. I want to use the time of social distancing for a NAS Project, that i'm thinking about the last 2 years.

    But i'm not sure if i should go the "normal" x86 way with AM4-board + APU + RAM or try my hand on an SOC.


    I dont mind tinkering around. But I dont want to hit a brick wall just every turn.


    I was thinking into the direction where the Helios 4 went but based around the Rock Pi 4 B 4GB with a SATA HAT for 4 HDD's.


    Or do you think i should simply wait for the Helios 64 (even though it is fucking expensive because 300 $ would give me a decent MB+CPU+RAM Combo)


    Would be happy about your advise

  6. Hi,


    even though i had the game since release, i never go time to play it. And now i have some wierd issue.

    My system has a custom loop and all other games run around 55-70°C on the GPU and 40-55°C on the CPUat high to ultra settings @90-120 FPS 1140p ultra wide

    But the witcher 3 brings my card to thermalthrotteling at around 60 FPS and also high to ultra settings. does anyone know what the issue could be? for now i just let it cap a 30 FPS but not really what would want to play with for a longer period. 

  7. Hi,


    i'm thinking about a build in the phanteks shift x (the bigger version). I really love ITX builds, but most cases for ITX dont support 280 Rads and the 2 i know of dont suit the style i'm looking for. I'm willing to mod the Shift X to give it more air flow for the rad. My question is: If you put in a 280 Rad, does there still fit a rad at the bottom? like a 120 slim? Also does a slim Rad with a slim fan fit next to the board? I want an overclocked i5 and a overclocked 2070 super both with waterblocks (so i can stay with the more nicer glass sides), but want as much cooling capacity as this case can fit.


    Second question: I'm not sure but from the pictures and videos (like the one from Kyle @bitwit ) it seems to me that there could be enough space for a Mini DTX Board but i could be mistaken. Jay said not long ago that it wont fit the smaller version of the case. Has anyone looked already into that?



  8. Hey, i just realized by looking around, that there has been for some time that kind of board around. It was the mid 2000s when even AMD tried that format. And now the drumroll ... it's standard DTX format. That is just simply an even shorter Version of mATX.


    But i'm even more disappointed, because to be honest, most of us PC builders we dont use all the features of ATX. Sure, years ago we did, but now mostt of us only use 2-4 memorysticks, 1-2 Sata, 1-2 M.2 and the one PCIe for the GPU. So for what are we buying those giant boards, i dont even use the full potential of my mATX because most cases for that formfactor dont even have room for 6 SATA Drives.

  9. Hello all,


    i would like to start a conversation about current motherboard standards and how i would suggest a solution. Let me explain how i came to this idea:

    I'm planning my next build and got kind of frustrated about the options we (especially we gamers) have with current boards. I have atm a z270 matx setup but only use the one PCIe for the GPU (like most setups around). I would like to go a bit more compact on my next setup but the next step down is ITX and that brings a personal problem with itself. Because of the size manufactures need to sell those at a higher prize than the bigger counterparts and i understand that and also those boards only have 2 Memoryslots. So i tought to myself it would be awsome to have a board that is kind of in between and combines mATX with ITX/DTX.


    So, ow would a board like that be?

    Name: mDTX

    Size: height of DTX, width mATX

    Memoryslots: 4

    PCIe-slots: 1x 16x, maybe 2x 4x

    M.2: 2-3 x (at least 2 over PCIe)


    I think it would be even good for the manufacturers because they would have more room and it would be a viable choice for gaming builds.


    I do understand that we dont have any cases that support that, but most ITX cases just needed some centimeters in length to accomodate such a board.


    What are your thoughts?

  10. Hi,

    I want to upgrade my 27" Full HD Display, that was good for gaming but since i started my master in digital-healthcare and do a lot of coding and also some video-editing and photo-editing, I get head aches and also my eyes are getting tired within 2 hours (already checked with my doctors).


    There are some minimum specs I'm looking for:

    - 21:9 Ratio

    - 1440p

    - 29"-34"

    - 75-100 Hz

    - 100% sRGB (or very close)

    - slight curve (2500 - 3800 mm; i want to use it also for viewing movies so anything with a radius under 2,5 meters would be to close for viewing-pleasure)


    Thanks in advance.