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  1. I'm buying from Malaysia, and the PC i'm building for my friend is using a Ryzen 5 3600 for CPU GTX 1660 for GPU
  2. I'm building this pc in a tight budget, unfortunately the cheapest Corsair TXM (TX650m) costs 94USD, while the segotep unit costs 53USD in my region. Do you have any suggestions of other PSUs that will cost around the same price without much compromises? btw the bequiet psus are not sold in my region sadly.
  3. Well, I'm building this computer for my friend because he's on a tight budget, in my region the GP600g costs like 53USD while the cheapest RMx which is the RM650x costs like 119USD. So I guess since it's an A tier it wouldn't have any huge issues?
  4. Hi everyone, is the segotep gp600g good and reliable? It's considered as tier A in the power supply tier list yet it is so much cheaper than the other tier A power supplies, so I am deciding on getting one, isit fine?
  5. I've tried the firecuda 510 on another mobo, and it still does not detect. At this point, i guess the ssd is broken, i even unplugged other sata devices from the mobo and tried only with the firecuda 510, still wouldn't detect.
  6. Hi, I am using an Asrock b450m steel legend, but when I install a seagate firecuda 510 1TB ssd(inserted in the ultra m.2 slot), it will not detect in the bios. Hence, when i tried to insert another transcend NVME SSD from another build into the mobo, it can boot into windows and the motherboard detects the SSD. Do you guys think it is a compatibility problem for the SSD or was the SSD faulty? thanks
  7. So is thermaltake toughpower grand rgb, gold certified, tier A or tier B? both leads to the same link
  8. Hi guys, i have one quick question, what's the difference between the CM hyper 212 led turbo and hyper 212 led? i'm planning to replace my cooler and the hyper 212 led is cheaper for me in my area, which one is better? The pricing difference is around $10
  9. so you would overclock your cpu by observing the temperature of your cpu based on cpu stress only?
  10. Hi, I'm running on a ryzen 5 2600 with stock cooler and wanting to overclock the cpu. In aida 64, do i stress cpu, fpu, cache and system memory, or do i stress cpu only? My cpu is now running at stock clock and voltage, when i stress cpu only, my temp never goes above 70 degrees, but when i stress cpu, fpu, cache, and system memory at the same time, my cpu sometimes get temperature spikes up to 93 degrees. So my question is, am i able to overclock my cpu?
  11. hi guys does anyone know about this cooler master hyper h411r cooler and how does it compare to the amd wraith spire?
  12. Alright guys, the problem has been solved. Apparently msi did not even provide a bios update for 2nd gen ryzen compatibility for the mobo of my dad's rig, hence i switched out the ryzen 1600 from my rig to my dad's rig. My personal rig has an Asrock AB350M Pro-4 and with bios update it is compatible with ryzen 2600. Everything works now for both my dad's pc and my pc. Thanks everyone for the help
  13. alright guys i think i'll just swap my ryzen 1600 from my rig to my dad's rig and see if it works as the bios for my mobo is already updated
  14. yeah i plugged the hdmi into the gpu, the ez debug led for ram turns on for awhile then it turns off, after that everything stays off
  15. I've used klevv bolt rams on my own ryzen rig and it worked pretty well and stable, and yeah the ryzen 2600 might be overkill, but my dad just requested something that is at least better than his i5 750 in his previous desktop, hence I got the ryzen 2600 because the 6 cores may do well in a long run