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  1. I would definitely recommend the FH7s. All around excellent IEMs
  2. Hi, I need a DAC to ago along with my Yamaha HS5, FiiO FH7 iems and Beyerdynamic DT177X. I am looking for something under 600 euro and here are the things I need: XLR balanced outputs for the HS5s, Remote to change volume and switch between the headphones and the speakers, Front audio jacks for the headphones. Possibly bluetooth connectivity too. I was already looking at the following: Topping DX7 Pro SMSL M500 Sabaj D5 I am seriously considering the Topping but I read that the output impedance of the headphones is too high for my FiiO I
  3. I've decided to go with the FH7's, do you know if you require an amp to run them? Or can I just play music from my phone in them?
  4. I originally bought the IE80 for 180 euro which is considerably cheaper than the new IE80S, but I've seen reviews that say the IE80S is worse in terms of sound quality. How does the soundstage compare from the IE80 and Fiio FH7 and Moondrop Blessings from someone who listened to all of them? It's quite important for me, I like really open sounding earphones like my IE80 were. Also how do the Fiio FH7 compare to the shure se846?
  5. How would the Fiio FH7 and FA7 compare to the Senhheiser IE80 in terms of Bass and Soundstage?
  6. Recently I lost my Sennheiser IE80 which I've had for the better part of 5 years, and I loved them. I was hoping to buy them again but unfortunately they're discontinued and I've looked everywhere around me. I am looking for a new pair of IEMs/Earphones but I'm not sure what to buy, so looking for some recommendations. I'm looking for: 1. Excellent Soundstage (most important) 2. Good Bass 3. Good clarity in lows/mids/highs (I listen to a high variety of music). 4. Similar/better quality to the IE80 that I had previously. Budget can be anything, bu
  7. I dont really want to upgrade anything in my pc, Im only looking at monitors as I need another one for college, but I might aswell buy one I like, so the option is really just 4k gsync or 4k no gsync
  8. 980Ti, im coming from an IPS 1080p monitor, but thats not really the issue, im more so wondering if I should pay the extra for it, or is it more of a gimmic
  9. I'm trying to decide between a 4k IPS monitor with or without gsync, they seem to be about 250 euro cheaper on average. I'm a casual gamer I suppose it would be nice to have gsync since im playing at 4k and I will be dipping below 60fps every so often but Im not sure if its worth it
  10. Hi, Im tasked to build my first app for a college project, I don't really know where to start and was wondering if anyone could give me a hand where to look or how to start this. Im wondering how to do the following things: Select user profile (stored locally) or create one (no password necessary) which is also stored locally Set up account to have specific options When the account is selected proceed to scan a barcode When the barcode is read it has to output the ingredients (database already available) I have found a database of groceries that i can access but I
  11. Stuck on a question for college, What would be the output of this program?
  12. I understand what you mean but in my case that database wouldn't work. I have already found a solution to my problem, I have contacted local retailers asking them to access their databases and so far Tesco replied, which is a great start and I can given basing my project off that.
  13. No this project I picked myself, I was under assumption that it wouldnt be too hard to parse the ingredients from a webpage, but another option I have is to find a database with such contents, but the problem that I have then is it will only work for 1 shop/retailer.
  14. I understand what you mean but the problem im facing is there is no standardized database which contains such information. Only the product webpage contains the product information (ingredients). If i was to scrape google, how would I go about doing so?
  15. Hi, for a project in college I am to make an app which scans the barcode of a product, be it food item, medicine or toiletries, and returns a list of ingredients which contain in the product. I have an idea where to start with the barcode scanning part, but have no idea how I would search and retrieve the ingredients of the product from google. (As with most cases when you google search a barcode number you get information on the product on different websites, and as different products are on different websites I have to incorporate this search into google.) Thank you f