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  • Birthday Mar 04, 2000

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    Sir_Noah_III #6929
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    SirDusk #11675
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    games, technology, cars
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    I like to play games and enjoy building computers
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    mc donalds


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    intel core i7 8700k
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    asus rog strix z370 h
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    4x8 corsair dominator platinum RGB (32gb)
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    Msi rtx 2080 gaming x trio
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    nzxt h700
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    4 tb hdd + optane 1tb samsung 860evo ssd Samsung 970 evo 1tb
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    EVGA p2 750w
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    2 acer v277u 1440p sharp 4k tv
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    corsair 360 aio
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    corsair k95 rgb
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    corsair glave rgb
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    Bose companion 2 series III
  • Operating System
    windows 10 pro

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  1. no i have not but if i see it i will install it
  2. ive had it at 4.7ghz for like 2 years but thanks for the info
  3. I wish I got a bsod but no the crash/freeze happens while gaming or sitting idle I got an i7 8700k 4.7ghz all core ASUS gaming H z370 corsair dom plat rgb 32gb 3200 corsair 360 aio evga rtx 3070 evga 750w p2 1x 4tb Seagate hdd 1x 8tb Seagate hdd 1x Samsung 1tb 860 1x 1tb Samsung 970 SSD nvme
  4. I have been having problems with my pc freezing and crashing. the only new part is a rtx 3070 but it bought it like 4 to 6 months and have not had any problems. I feel like is the problem is a evga 750w p2 I believe, I do have my processor and gpu overclocked but again I have not had any problems until recently if you have any questions or thoughts feel free to message back.
  5. i changed the location to ssd and i cant because i dont have permission thats the error code i get because the games are located in that location
  6. ok i will check it when i have time to
  7. i bought the game from the microsoft store and i trued to locate the game in file explorer and the microsoft store
  8. i reset my pc but unpluged my 2 other drives i had forza horizon installed on the unplugged drives and now i can play them i think the trused installer are blocking the game from being seen or something but i cant get access to them
  9. i have forza horizon installed on my ssd and i restarted my pc but just the os drive and i want to delete or play the game again but i cant find a video that works to fix the problem
  10. even if I didn't the box said 3rd gen ready but I put the r5 2600 back in and the same problem happens
  11. I don't have a board yet trying to get my hands on a b550 but stock is hard to come by