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    Computer Hardware, CPUs, Motherboards, GPUs, TV Series, Movies and Games
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    Computer Engineer


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    Ryzen 9 3900X 12C/24T 4.1GHz 1.185v
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    X470 Taichi (BIOS: P3.60 - Agesa ABB)
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    4x8GB DDR4 3200MHz CL16 HyperX Predator
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    GTX 980 Ti WaterForce Xtreme (1595MHz)
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    NZXT Phatom 820 Gunmetal
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    Samsung EVO 860 2TB(OS) / Samsung EVO 860 1TB(Backup)
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    Corsair TX-750w
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    Monitor AOC AG251FG 240Hz G-Sync 1080p
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    NZXT X72 360mm
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    Headset LogiTech G633
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (Version: 1909 / OS Build: 18363.456)
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    ACER ASPIRE 5516

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  1. Not necessarily, at the moment i have a 10 gig switch with a 10Gbps lan in my nas, but my internet connection is "240Mbps" (i live in a small town) At the moment i was playing in my DS1817 using X264 / X265 i don't mind using SMB, but i fear it might cause a battleneck in the 1Gbps connection on the NAS.(DS420J)
  2. I see, which model would you recommend me instead, if it can handle 1 4k transmission (would be probable mostly a 1080p though) i'm happy with it
  3. Hey guys, how are you doing? I'm looking to buy another NAS (Synology) for my syster and i, i already have a DS1817+(awesome NAS) but i'm going to need another one. I've heard about a few of them, such as: Synology DS420J Synology DS418Play Synology DS418 Synology DS918+ My questions are, the 420J is actually cheap, but can it handle 2 streaming at 4k simultaneously?
  4. I'd find some information about these mosfets, they are from Xiamen RF a chinsese manufacture.
  5. I know but does anyone knows anything about these crap mosfets? ahahha
  6. Hey everyone, how are you guys doing? Today a friend of mine, who loves to buy things from Aliexpress, bought a X99-F8, and he called me to analyse the VRM for his channel, but in doing so, i've stepped into a problem.... I cannot find any data on these discrete mosfet, i'm pretty sure they're low end, and even very outdated. But i have some theories. First of all, i'll upload some photos so you guys can glimpse what i'm facing. These are the high side and low side mosfets this board make use of, the Drivers are Intersil ISL-6208, along side a In
  7. Hey guys whats up? So, recently i started playing again MW2 and i'm trying to figure it out something that botthered me for YEARS. When you play this game, the game itselft doesn't give you an option to change sensibilty while aiming, only when you're not aiming(hip fire) and when you aim, depending on your sensibility config, its too fast to be able to be accurate. Is there any way around it?
  8. Hey everyone, how's everyone doing? So, the issue in question... when i try to play these game, my NAT Type stay as: "Strict" and i can't find any match... I already tried setting a fix IP, opening ports in my router and in firewall but it didn't help at all.
  9. Thanks, but i'll keep the photos on, and i'd recommend using a 50% zoom in order tu use it properly like i said on the first post.
  10. By the Way i didn't know there was a SU700 series from ADATA... i'll sure be adding it to the list. Thanks again.
  11. Thank you so much! I speak a little bit of Russian. I hope this table that i did is not complete garbage.
  12. Hey everyone, since i use a lot tech Foruns, occasionally i need to google some information on SSDs in order to recommend or even comment about a specific model. And since there are a lot of VRM "Table" out there, i didn't find a "new" SSD spreadsheet. So i did one, at the moment it only has 368. And by the way, some data i couldn't find on the web so, if you guys see anything that you think is wrong or missing just let me know. By the way, it would be awesome if you guys have any recommendation about some new models so i can add in the table. And i'd appreciate a feedback. SS
  13. Thank you. I'll try those method and i'll give you guys some feedback if it worked.
  14. Hey guys, is it possible to create a shortcut through windows server's GPO but with the program running on the PC itself? I'm asking this because those PCs have a lot of restrictions such as creating shortcut in the desktop. And even using the right click on the mouse. For example, let's say i want to create a Microsoft Office 2019 Shortcup on the Desktop from the Server on the Users PCs, is it possible? PS: Server is R2 2012.