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  1. Ok, Well I booted into safe-mode and removed the file, I don't know why I just didn't do that before, All clean now guys, Appreciate everyone's help and everyone who commented. Thanks alot!
  2. Everything upgrades with your copy, You may need to reinstall your graphics drivers depending on wheter or not you've updated to the Windows 10 compatable ones yet. Install was a dream for me, worked fine. Question 4 and 5, I'm not too sure on, I'd just say go ahead and do it, you won't look back. Windows 8.1 was great (For me anyways) and Windows 10 is being just as good with no problems appart from Cortana only working for people in the US. Happy upgrading!
  3. I have this too, With a paid copy of AVG. Still happened. Anyways, Malwarebytes finished scanning and found this: http://gyazo.com/7219a79e22cfc864ba4b265e5df5a3db Removing both of them anyways but not the result I was hoping for, I'll go boot into safe-mode now and see if I can delete the file manually.
  4. Tell me about it, I've usually got people that know nothing about computers or either just work there and offer you a new computer thinking yours is completely broken. You have to then send it back to have nothing done to it, for Mcafee to be put on the system and be charged like £50 for it. GG Computer shops.
  5. Tried FileAssassin and Unlocker, I'm currently scanning with Malwarebytes to see if it'll remove it. I'll post updates as and when. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Not being rude, But I never let a computer shop touch a computer I build. I'll fix it, I'm fine with my knowledge, I might try another OS, Such as Linux as I've got one on another HDD in a seperate media PC somewhere in the house. Thanks for the reply tho..
  7. I'm going to download Malwarebytes and scan it now, I'll let you know of the results, I've also done the Malware thing @Brink2Three - the service isn't started because I've never opened the file. I never normally do, But I clicked it because my IRL friends send me links on steam sometimes when I'm ingame, but I didn't know his account had been hacked, I speak to them every day... -.- Oh well, I'll post results when Malwarebytes has completed.
  8. Hi, I need some help as I've got a trojan on my PC accidentally, A friend's steam account was hacked, a link was sent to me, I clicked it thinking it was him and an executable file was downloaded on my PC automatically without me being able to cancel it as it's so small. I've not opened it and AVG has detected it as a Trojan. I tried to use it to remove the file from my PC but still, no luck. As I said, I've not actually opened the file yet so surely, I'm fine for now? Anyways, I need to remove it from my PC and using the good old delete button isn't cutting it, I'll include a sc
  9. EVGA do really nice power supplies. So do Corsair. I'm going to be purchasing a Corsair one for my new build It's cheap but it'll do the job but I still suggest you update it.
  10. This makes your school 10000x better than mine does. It's a solid build I'll tell you that. I'd not change anything on it but someone else might say to I like the h100i but some people disagree with me and say that it's not worth the purchase. In my eyes, It is.
  11. I'd go with 1080p 144hz monitors over the 1080p ones.
  12. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can find me an icon pack.. I've searched for it for ages but I can't find it. I was going to change my server icons to something different but I can't find these icons.. http://gyazo.com/bcf3be86ae3fb587770825109cacc3be http://gyazo.com/75ff907c3b7a757a7eb3182fd2a6efa0 http://gyazo.com/a6b510e60ecced5dc826689d4e061b20 I really need a pack that has these exact ones, or similar that have: O S A M V C H Preferably the whole alphabet would be nice but I just really need these ones. I really can't find them... Thanks in advance. Feel
  13. Oooooo, A quote from Linus himself. I feel special now Oh and back on topic, I didn't know that. Thanks for pointing it out
  14. The only difference is the load times, I've got a black for gaming and I r8 8/8 m8
  15. I believe it's because of the different architectures inside of the cards, they're just not compatible
  16. No. In all seriousness, it should be fine, But be careful with it.
  17. In this instance you're talking about Remote Desktop Protocol right? Just checking...
  18. Had a friend say to me "My CPU temps are hot all the time, Like I'm only idle..." I proceeded to ask more questions etc. He then tells me he's rebuilt his PC and I asked him if he had put the cooler on again. His reply to this was "Yes, But there was some gunk underneath it so I cleaned it off" I actually laughed and felt sorry for the guy.
  19. I back NiP in all the comps but it was a fair game. They all tried and Tec9 won.
  20. I know what you're saying dude, I get it but surely that's not cheating? It's basically like bitcoin mining? Right?
  21. It's a consideration but if you're not going to be getting the most from it's purpose surely you'd be better off buying two 980's instead of a single Titan X for like 5% less gaming performance than the 980? Not sure on actual numbers but yea. My thoughts.
  22. What are you going to be using the cards for?
  23. Titan X isn't really for gaming, Plus he'll most likely only be able to get a single card. The Titan has been for rendering in the past so I'm expecting the Titan X to be the same, Even though the card is sexy af...
  24. Yea, This isn't the RGB model, It wasn't available at the time I got it in the UK. I know. I spent $200 on a keyboard and if they don't help me out I'm going to be quite annoyed with them, I've got all the original boxing etc so I should be fine.