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  1. Subz

    Fan concept Help

    Hi all Hope you're well. I recently built my first PC and everything is good. Over the last few days I was just looking at ways to improve it. I have a P500a case with the stock front 3X 140m fans installed and I added another 140m exhaust fan at the rear. I have a R5 2600X with the stock wraith cooler. My temps are good CPU at idle between 35-42deg and at load around 72deg. Similar stats for the GPU. I would always like to keep my CPU(even if I upgrade) air cooled as I dont have the expertise to deal with the possible issues that come with AIO's and an
  2. Thanks allot guys, much appreciated. Definitely wont be going through with this deal
  3. Thanks allot man, thought as much as well. I'll hold off maybe for a used 2080 ti and sell my 1080
  4. Apologies, I have to give him my 1080 plus $250 for his 2080 Super
  5. Thanks man, I play on a 1440p monitor
  6. Hi there Hoping I can find some help. I have an Asus Rog Strix 1080 GPU and have the opportunity to trade it for an MSI 2080 Super gaming X trio plus $250 cash. Will this be a fair and decent upgrade or should I spend a bit more on a 2080 Ti or 3070? I dont have to have the latest stuff, Im just looking for a decent performance upgrade. I also dont mind keeping the 1080, this opportunity came up so I was wondering if it is a good deal?
  7. Good day I need my system to be rated for 2020 and a little beyond for gaming by people other than PC shop sales people, as they will find a way to make a sale. Is there anything I need to upgrade immediately? 90% gaming. AMD Ryzen5 2600X Asus ROG GTX 1080 16G RAM 3200mhz Cheap SSD Acer predator 25" monitoring 1440p
  8. A 2080 alone is gona be more expensive than this entier thing. Where does this live PC gaming if this thing is gona outperform most gaming PC's at a fraction of the price. It doesnt make sense.
  9. Hi guys I currently have a cheapy none IPS Phillips 1080p 60hz 24" monitor and looking to upgrade. I'm a single-player gamer I dont ever play online, multi-player or competitively in any way. Should I opt for a 144hz 1080p monitor or stick with 60hz but get something higher resolution/image quality like 1440p? I have a GTX 1060 6G AMD 2600X 16G ram.
  10. Hi all I currently have an MSI GTX 1060 6g Gaming X GPU and looking to upgrade but on a tight budget. Is a used RX Vega 56 8GB a viable upgrade from my current card and will it somewhat future proof me or do I need to up my budget?
  11. Thank you all! is this a decent rig though? For AAA games 1080p on high settings? I would hate to upgrade in year
  12. Thanks you! Makes sense.... I think I will download some kind of a FPS monitor to view while running games. I mostly play AAA on highest or ultra
  13. Good day all Just need some advice I have a MSI B450M PRO-VDH MOBO, Ryzen 2600X, MSI GTX 1060 6gig, 16gig Dual Channel 3200mhz RAM, with a 60hz 1080p monitor. What average FPS should I see with this rig?
  14. Subz

    Monitor bottleneck?

    Awesome thanks! I'm gona test this
  15. Good day all I have a MSI GTX 1060 GamingX 6g GPU, 8gig RAM and an AMD 2600X CPU, I'm using this rig with an old 1080p 60hz monitor. Is this monitor fine or am I being bottle-necked? Also would getting a 144hz monitor make a difference with my current setup?