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    Johnvosh got a reaction from Pasi123 in Post your Cinebench R20+15+R11.5+2003 Scores **Don't Read The OP PLZ**   
    Here's my scores for a couple core 2 Quad CPU's I have. The first is a Q6600 with a score of 509. The second is a Q9550, @ stock clock of 2.84GHz it got a score of 680. @ 3.4GHz I got a score of 815!

    The weird thing I have noticed though is that Core #0 runs the hottest and core #1 runs the coolest. Any ideas what could be causing this? I am running a Hyper 212 Evo cooler and I know I have good coverage with the thermal paste....

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    Johnvosh got a reaction from rhyseyness in Cleaning old video cards, w/ die shots!   
    Recently got some older video cards and thought I would show why it is a good idea to clean, check, and replace the old thermal compound! Some of these I have had for quite sometime as well.
    Please add your photo's as well! I still have 5 more to add, but need to get some more thermal compound. I cleaned and replaced all the thermal compound with Cooler Master brand as that is what I had. Would of liked to have used Arctic Silver 5

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    Johnvosh got a reaction from xKyric in Displaying case stickers   
    Hello all!
    So I have quite a few case stickers and I would like to display them somehow. Anyone have any ideas on the best way to display all my stickers? I would like to have AMD and Intel separate and then everything else together.
    Thanks for all the suggestions!

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    Johnvosh got a reaction from Froug in Thoughts and advice on new build   
    K, guess I will not use that power supply for the new system. I will keep it as a spare for a couple of my older system.
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    Johnvosh reacted to Froug in Thoughts and advice on new build   
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard that MSI Armor cards have bad cooling. Or is it only for their new flagship RTX cards?
    This thread should give you the answer (aka no)