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  1. Found this while looking for a macro keypad. 84 programmable keys, and it's only $35 usd. Shipping to Tennessee was $18, so if I bought one it would come to $53, which still seems fairly reasonable. Assuming it doesn't suck anyway. It also has a credit card reader, so clearly this thing is made for retail use, which makes me concerned that it wouldn't work as regular macro pad for windows. Anyone have any experience using something like this on windows? I think this could have a lot of potential for stuff like editing and streaming if it functions properly
  2. I did all of that. The repair tool claims to have fixed it. It didn't. And when you go to turn on features, and check the boxes for .net it says it applies the changes, but then when you open the list again, they're not checked anymore. I'm telling all of you that I've tried every obvious solution that the internet has to offer. Nothing has worked.
  3. yes. it doesnt exist. note the picture of my registry with it not existing that i posted.
  4. again, did you even read the post? i clearly said i have all the windows updates.
  5. i cant. theres no newer version installed. did you even read the post?
  6. i cant. it tells me i have a newer version installed.
  7. im running window 10 home. i've got all current updates.(according to windows update anyway.) so in order to install discord, i need to install .NET framework 4.5.2 or later. windows swears that i have 4.8 installed. but when i go to installed programs, theres nothing there about net frameworks. nothing at all. and when i go the registry, the folder where net framework shit is suppose to be (the NPD folder) doesnt exist. and when i check installed updates, theres nothing about net frameworks. i even googled all the KB numbe
  8. So I ran the auto overclock scan thing on Afterburner and it's been stuck at this point for like 20 minutes. The clock slider keeps going up, but the actual operating speed doesn't change. What is happening? What do I do? 20200219_203251.mp4
  9. I'm sure this has been asked a dozen times or more, but I've looked and looked and can't find a straight answer to my exact question. I have a motherboard (MSI mpg x570 gaming plus) that has a 8+4 CPU power connector. But my power supply (EVGA 850 B3)only has the 8 pin connector dedicated for CPU. The rest are either "VGA"(which I assume simply means graphics) or SATA. I know the extra 4 pin is largely unnecessary, but I'd like to plug it in anyway. But as I said, my power supply doesn't have an extra 4 pins for CPU. So would it be safe to use
  10. Well I'm not worried about degradation. I'm really more worried about throttling, and possibly crashing. I've seen instances where drives will get too hot and just shut down completely. And even if they don't crash, they can still throttle down to almost HDD speeds if they get hot enough.
  11. All the little heatsinks I've bought in the past come with thermal tape on them, so I was just gonna go with that. And I'll probably just get enough to cover the entire top with them. They're aren't horribly expensive, so it's not a big deal.
  12. Well I'm not trying to keep it super cool. I just don't want it getting to like 80 or higher. If I can keep it at a decent temp, I'm fine with it.
  13. I'm in the middle of building my first ever dedicated gaming rig, and I bought a Seagate firecuda nvme drive that runs on PCIe gen 4. As I understand it, gen 4 drives tend to get pretty toasty when under heavy load. Whether or not I would ever end up putting under such sustained load, I really don't know, but I would like to be prepared for it. My motherboard didn't come with a drive shield, so I would need to figure something else out in regards to cooling it. So I was wondering what sort of solutions, if any, that other people have come up with?
  14. BREAKING NEWS: I decided to see if I might be able to run call of duty modern warfare 3, because it's objectively the best CoD, and by some miracle it actually runs pretty well. Apparently I've been underestimating what my laptop can do. If it can run MW3, I'm sure it can run left 4 dead.
  15. I did think about that. I'll look into it and see if I can run it.
  16. Someone didn't read the post very thoroughly, did they?
  17. Cool. If she's interested in Diablo, I'll probably suggest Torchlight instead.
  18. Dude, co-op Skyrim would be frikkin' amazing! But my laptop has no chance in hell of running Skyrim.
  19. Beat 'em ups aren't really my favorite, but I've had plenty of fun with stuff like golden axe back in the day, so I'll look into it.
  20. I've heard Torchlight is a little less intense on the graphics card than Diablo. Is it easier to run? (Not that Diablo is particularly hard to run, but again, potato laptop.)
  21. Didn't even know San Andreas had multiplayer. Would servers for something that old still be up?
  22. So my girlfriend and I are taking a break from Minecraft, and we're looking for something else we can play together. The problem is the disparity between our gaming capabilities. She's using a fairly decent gaming PC that can at least sort of handle most modern games. And I'm stuck with an old laptop that runs Minecraft alright, but much more than that can be rough. This wouldn't be such a huge issue if she weren't exclusively a PC gamer. She doesn't play consoles at all, and I have all the consoles. So I was wondering if you guys might be able to give us
  23. so i live in the middle of nowhere. cant get a decent hard wired internet connection where i live. so i have a Netgear NightHawk mobile hotspot as my main connection. i was having a problem with it getting really hot and throttling my speeds to basically unusable, so i cobbled a cooler together. i ordered some cheap little aluminum heatsinks on aliexpress and cannibalized a case fan and a USB charging cable to make this monstrosity. it works.