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  1. 44 minutes ago, Mattias Edeslatt said:

    Of course you are getting 10 C lower temps with that setup feeding "cold" fresh air directly to the CPU from the top instead of it pulling air from the top of your GPU that is pre-heated (even with "fresh" air from the front fan).

    I set it that way mostly because the noctua was doing an awful high pitched noise. Turns out that when the fans are in pull they will do that noise, in push they wont. If I tried to do push with the exhaust to the back of the case I would run into clearance issues, as the fan on top of the ram would not let me close the case. I could have done intake from the back of the case, but I settled for the intake on the top, so that the air from the CPU cools at least the backplate of the gpu.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Ross Siggers said:

    What is your case layout at the moment? General rule is to have no intakes from the top, and overall trying to run a positive pressure. 

    Red fan is intake, white one is exhaust and the d15 is pulling air from the top grill 


  3. Hi guys, what do you think about the looks over function we are getting on the latest years. I got an s340 (i know its not that new but the trend continues) and I did some testing of the temperatures under different conditions, here are the results:



    *The second square should say "Without front panel but with filter"


    So there seems to be a clear correlation between lacking airflow from filters and front panels and sidepanels, to an increase in the cpu temperature. There was also an increase on the gpu temperature but I do not have the recorded results.

  4. So, I've got this 980ti since I bought it new back on october 2014, I feel that my thermals are good, but I think the card starts to throttle once it starts reacing 83°C. Do you think it is worth changing the thermal paste on it or not. I've never done it.

  5. Hi guys, I need to add more storage to my computer but I am unsure if I should invest more on an NVMe drive. I mostly use my computer for gaming and I know the load times would be better, but can someone tell me if the difference is in reality that much, and if it is worth the money. I know it depends on the brand too, but I want to have a better general ideal.

  6. 22 hours ago, JamesTheGreat said:

    What i just listed there  is older, but still really cheap...  I'll check my stock of older memory... I very well MAY have some 4gb DDR2 modules sitting around here.. I scrap PC's for a living and ALWAYS save the CPU's, Ram, HDD's and Video Cards... Sometimes the PCI/PCIE cards depending on what they are.

    I'll let you know.  If you want to know anymore performance info about the XEON system, let me know.



    Thanks bro, I will look into that build but I will also search for a budget new PC build. I want to compare cost benefit.

  7. 7 minutes ago, JamesTheGreat said:

    What DDR2 do you need that so expensive???


    For something that old, I would upgrade to AT LEAST 1st Gen CORE i3,5,7 or even the XEON's from that era..


    My test bench is old, but runs Shadow of the Tomb Raider AWESOME!!!

    Asus P6T Deluxe V2

    Xeon W3580 3.33ghz OC'd to 4.256ghz on all 4cores w/ Turbo OFF. (133x32)(Runs at 70c under load @ 1.35v)

    16GB DDR 3

    Radeon R9 390

    Gets 59FPS on ULTRA HIGH in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.


    A used 1st gen mobo is around $25.00

    That very same XEON is about $25.00 (The I7-920 goes pretty cheap too, I have one I'll sell cheap if you want it... It was NEVER OC'd and came out of an Office Server... They are GREAT overclocking Chips because they were before the Delidding was needed)


    And EVERYTHING else you have should work!!!


    Good Luck,


    I need non ECC unbuffered 4gb dimms. I wanted to upgrade the machine to 8gb but it only has 2 slots. I will check that build tho.

  8. 7 minutes ago, RobbinM said:

    Depends on your budget. If you can upgrade to something like a 2nd gen i5 then go for it.

    For what the ddr2 ram costs on ebay I think I would be able to buy an used one, but I am unsure. I habe about 70$ dollar for the ram and I still need to add a gpu, maybe a 1050.


  9. Hi guys, I have an AsRock G31M-S with a Core 2 Quad Q8400 and 4 gb ddr2 ram. The board supports 8gb of ram and I am looking into buying some ddr2 dimms, but they are quiet rare and expensive, as the motherboard has only 2 slots, therefore I am considering if I should upgrade the board and processor to something that uses ddr3 at least.