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  1. the pixel 2 isnt out of the budget is it worth the increased price over the pixel 1?
  2. the pixel 2 isnt out of the budget is it worth the increased price over the pixel 1?
  3. like i said i don't play games on mobile. pretty much only play on pc at this point.
  4. yeah, I don't really play mobile games, and I didn't grow up playing really any Nintendo games so playing them won't give me really any nostalgia.
  5. wait you can run os on android? I'm not super new to tech but I've never really thought of doing that I guess. And honestly I kinda just want ios just for facetime because most of the people I talk to aren't savvy enough just to get like google duo.
  6. although that's the thing I'm not sure if I will hate it enough for it to not be worth it. for some context im 16 so I'm not like super concerned about the social status that comes with having an iPhone, but I also am. and basically, I just need somebody to talk me down from getting one and stop being a normie.
  7. weird. i have the same issue. although my specs are way different and i definitely need a refresh.
  8. which actually had me thinking about an iPhone, even though I'll probably end up hating it, at least ill get way better software support for the 1-2 years ill have it.
  9. I actually have been thinking about this one for a while now, so I guess it's not that stupid of an idea if someone agrees with me.
  10. yeah just a little bit, I mean I have enough but with 5g just around the corner I only really need a phone to last me a year until 5g phones are more of an actual thing.
  11. So I've recently been looking for a new phone, but I don't wanna spend a lot on it. I was thinking 300 ish gives me a fair amount of options. but I've run into some issues. for 300 you are either getting brand new low tier phones or used/refurb that is 2-3 generations old. so my question is what is the best phone I can get for 300? and are refurbished/used worth it?