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  1. T123

    Fan controller

    I have got 4 fans want to get and controller / hub to tide the inside of my case a bit
  2. T123

    Fan controller

    What’s best thing to control you fans
  3. T123


    Thanks mate
  4. T123


    I have bought a snowman Mx 2 and should bought a t4 snowman or just use the stock cooler which is wraith stealth or will the mx2 be fine for A 3600
  5. Cheers I have Also upgraded To a tomahawk max b450 Aswell from an ab350m
  6. Are the 3600 and 5700 and good combo
  7. T123

    Case advice

    It will need to fit a b450 tomahawk max and rx 5700 blower card
  8. Hi I’m looking for some advice I’m looking for a good value case with fans and controller have around £50 to £70 maybe a little bit more
  9. I did It so I was future proof so if I wanted to put in a faster cpu in the future I could or upgrade the ram to a high MHz when I can so like said i got a Good deal on it so I’m ready and the next thing will probably do Is upgrade the ram to 32gb dual channel and higher MHz maybe 3400mhz or 3600mhz to try and push the gpu and cpu on a bit and the snowman cooler will help for £17 off ebay
  10. I found a good deal on both mate so went for both I can probably get a good price to pay for most of what I have spent by selling the ab 350 and the 1600 together
  11. Hi I’m would just like some advice I have just upgrades from a ab 350 and 1600 to a b450 tomahawk max and 3600 so my system is b450 tomahawk max r5 3600 powercolour rx 5700 blower style evga 550w fully modular power supply snowman cpu cooler 16gb 4x4gb 3000mhz viper patriot is this a good gaming set up for 2020 any help would be much appreciated
  12. I have a r5 1600 which is the better price for performance 3600 Or 3600 x