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  1. You can go into Windows settings, and under display, at the bottom there is a "Graphics settings" thing you can click. Press browse, add Minecraft, press options and pick high performance which should be the dedicated GPU.
  2. I completely forgot about about crystal disk mark. It's full speed, but I still have no idea why it's not showing up but that doesn't seem to be an issue
  3. So I've installed the XPG Gammix S5 SSD on my Asus Tuf b450-plus gaming board, and it's not showing up as an M.2 SSD, but it does show up in the boot manager. Will it be able to utilize full speed if it's not showing?
  4. Your issue is that the Ryzen 3700x doesn't have an integrated GPU. You can't get a signal because nothing can give a signal to a display. You MUST use a dedicated GPU for that build.
  5. Yeah, prices were bad back in january when I got the 580 and 590s were not even available. Also there's an Asrock 590 also available. I RMA'd their 580 which was quite loud and was hitting 85°C on a hot day, don't know if the 590 cooler is much better
  6. I RMA'd my RX 580 and I can get either of the two cards, but the Fatboy is available right now and the sapphire one hasn't been available for the past 3 weeks and who knows for how long. Would it be worth the wait for the sapphire or do I just get the fatboy?
  7. Could only find a comparison of the nitro+ with a 1660 OC model from gigabyte, and they were performing similarly so I guess the nitro+ is a better option. And I agree, it looks cooler.
  8. Gainward GTX 1660 Ghost non OC
  9. Haven't thought of that, good point.
  10. Hi! I've just RMA'd my RX 580 and there was a price drop since I got it, so they offered me to get a new GPU for the price of my 580. I have a choice between a Gainward GTX 1660 Ghost and Sapphire RX590 Nitro+, and I can't decide which one to get. I have a 750W PSU so power consumption isn't an issue. 2 GB more vram and more video outputs would be nice but I just can't decide. Thank you in advance!
  11. I fixed it, forgot to update the post. Increased the DRAM voltage and everything worked perfectly since.
  12. I just bought another stick of the exact same model and brand RAM. Everything was fine until I plugged it in. Once booted, and my GPU driver starts up the screen freezes for a few seconds, goes black and turns back on and freezes again over and over again while getting the radeon wattman message that the driver crashed settings were reset to default. I have an RX 580 8GB and the AMD drivers are up to date. Tried switching RAM slots, reseating GPU, using DDU and no crashes until I installed Radeon Software once again. I have another GPU to test but it's just a gt 730 so the results probably won
  13. When I first built this PC I couldn't get 2x8gb kit for a decent price, so I just went with 1x8gb hoping I'll be able to get one more stick of the same model for it to work in dual channel but I'm not sure if it would work or not as I've heard there could be some compatibility issues.