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  1. a few months ago I had my WoT and gmail accounts compromised. Gmail was easy to fix, WoT not so much. Took over 2 weeks and fishing through 4 years of bank statements. Online banking only goes back 2 years, and WG wanted my last 3 paid transactions, which the first was over 3 years ago. Needless to say it is worth the hassle for two step verification. Steam guard was started the day my WoT account was hacked. Oh and They wasted 4800 gold and 14mil credits. They deleted 3 of my tanks I loved, and bought 2 I hate. The only thing WG will give back is premium tanks.
  2. I had problems with back in February with it, but updated it, and now it seems better. The program itself still needs a better UI. I also looked for the version, but it still has as the version. I also have ICue installed and they are not messing each other up. I did have a problem with ICue not saving during a restart, but all is good now. There are times I look at my corsair AIO before windows starts and it will be in rainbow mode, but once windows starts, it goes back to normal (White, -slow pulse). I would definitely use that uninstaller, and try installing 1 thing at a
  3. I bought this Lian Li Dynamic. I love it. Even when my "cheaper" fans are full throttle, I do not here them. Made for water cooling, but does very good air cooled. And here is GN review of it. Review
  4. Try this. EA Forum for error. It has a few suggestions. Also make sure you delete the BF 4 folder in My Documents.
  5. Drocket


    I do not like watching others play. Unless i am stuck on a level or something or I am looking for gameplay footage to see if i would like the game. I may give ARMA 3 a chance. As far as WoT, it is because I can just hop on and play a few rounds. I have a crap load of tanks and I am past the point where i feel i need to grind. And as far as certain kind of games... it really depends. I have done MMORPG, FPS, driving, sports... i dont really have 1 certain genre i go to. I take that back, it's usually FPS types i gravitate towards. But i don't lock myself
  6. Drocket


    Didnt care for GTA V online. And it had run its course in single player. The only game you mentioned that i played, and would like was ARMA3. But isn't the community for that game dying. The other games would not hold my attention. I guess i also just miss the old games like BF 1942 DC mod, CoD MW, .... I did like CoD WWII... I even reinstalled Supreme Commander a few months ago, and that brought me back for a little bit. But that too was short lived. I know something soon will come along, and until then i will just settle for mediocre playing of WoT. Also, maybe the market is t
  7. I am looking into starting some home security. I was thinking one of those $200-$300 camera and DVR setups from Amazon, and adding an old server rack. What I want to do is have the server rack for more then just the security setup. I want to set up a streaming service to access all of my files on my home PC's from my phone, or any other device. I want to also access the video footage anytime any where. I am sure I can do this with a very cheap old PC setup, but I also speed and reliability, and expansion that a second hand server rack would supply. Plus I want to get more into networking, and
  8. Drocket


    Lets see. BF V, WoT, WoWS, TF 2, GTA V, Far Cry 5, Clas of Clans, Clash Royal........ and about 5 hours of Fortnite( I would rater play E.T. on Atari) . All of this in the past 6 months.I am just taking a break from gaming for a few weeks. Plus theres a few major things I need to do around the house over the next month. It will help keep my boredom from gaming at bay.
  9. Drocket


    Pprn got boring over 20 years ago. And dont tell me theres so much out the. Trust me I KNOW. Nothing like some amputee midget porn......
  10. Drocket


    I do stuff other then gaming. I ride my motorcycle, garden, and have 4 kids. 2 With used cars, so I am constantly fixing something. What I mean by bored, is that my time i used to set aside for gaming is just not catching my fancy anymore. As far trying new games, I really don't want to start anything thats more then a year old. Rust looked good, until I read about the horrible community. I also guess it may also be the human nature of wanting something, and then getting it; and seeing it wasn't all that cracked up to be. I mean I am not regretting the new PC, and I know I will eve
  11. Drocket


    Ever since I built this PC( its been almost 7 years), I have been getting bored with PC gaming. After I built the PC, I immediately started playing GTA V and Far Cry 5. I completed both withing 2 weeks. But over the last month or so I just sit at the PC and can't seem to play more then 30 minutes. I am currently only really playing WoT and WoWS. No game can hold my attention anymore. I can not even find anything interesting on STEAM during the Summer Sale, I was looking at The Crew 2 , but that even seems like its gonna get boring fast. Has anyone been in this situation, and if so what got th
  12. No issues. So I just updated my chipset, restarted, everything is ok. So I restarted 3 more times, and so far so good. I deleted all of my profiles, and manually OC everything to what I want, and what was stable before. Tried HWINFO64 and CB15, all is running pre BIOS update, with the exception of my RAM clocks seem better now and 16-16-.... before it was 16-56-75- really weird numbers. Thanks for the help.
  13. Yes to all, except the newest chipset drivers.... I guess I could try that... what else do I have to lose... all my important stuff is on my mech drive, everything else I can re-DL.
  14. OK, so I updated my BIOS about 3 hours ago. It is an ASUS Prime X470 Pro. I am now running v5007. I finally get the keyboard to work after clearing the CMOS. I then go to UEFI to get my OC back, then save and exit, and keyboard is not working again. Clear CMOS, go straight to windows and try the awful ASUS AI Suite, and OC there, set it to where I know it is stable. Run CB15 and halfway through.... black screen. Hard reset, and then keyboard is not working again. Clear CMOS again, restart to windows. Working..... do nothing but restart to see if it will save, and nope, no keyboard