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    pipnina reacted to invision2212 in What Steam games could I play with my sister?   
    dont starve together
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    pipnina reacted to WaggishOhio383 in What Steam games could I play with my sister?   
    Stardew Valley comes to mind. They recently added split-screen coop to the game, and along with it they added the Steam remote play together feature. But if you ran into issues using that, her computer could most definitely run the game natively as well.
    I don't know of many other popular games that support remote play together at the moment, but you could look through the Steam remote play together library and see if anything catches your eye: https://store.steampowered.com/remoteplay_together
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    pipnina reacted to Soag in What Steam games could I play with my sister?   
    Plus I support Maury on Trine, was planning to suggest it as well ;).
    Drawful 2 is also fun but would require at least one more person.
    Castle Crashers is a pretty fun couch co-op.
    Human Fall Flat is worth a try. I had a blast in it with friends but she might dislike the controls as they are pretty unique.
    Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is a typical co-op people suggest. Personally haven't fired it up, yet, but am planning to do so in whatever future.
    You could also try good old Borderlands 2.
    To end the list I have something I haven't played, haven't even bought but seen the game and heard VERY good opinions on it. Simple, low point of entry, fun, nice aesthetics:  Deep Rock Galactic.
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    pipnina got a reaction from Midevil Chaos in Buy a VR headset or wait?   
    That data has been used to target political material to people, companies like Facebook literally have the power to sway elections with their algorithms.
    Besides that, the fact that you need to log into facebook and use their store to use the built-in compute of the Quest and Quest2, combined with the suspiciously cheap unit price for what it contains (potentially selling their product at a loss like consoles do?) they stand a real risk of becoming a Microsoft/Windows style monopoly in the VR space. Nobody wants that.
    Microsoft's headsets are able to be made by any hardware manufacturer, SteamVR is usable by any hardware manufacturer and game developer, Facebook is the only party that's continually tried to lock their platform down to ransom users.
    The Microsoft headsets and the Vive/Index are much freer and less restrictive options, even if they have their own technical drawbacks. That's worth more than $ to me at least.
    That said, Facebook vs Valve vs Microsoft might be a little off topic since the topic is about buying a headset in the first place, not necessarily which one.
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    pipnina reacted to Midevil Chaos in Buy a VR headset or wait?   
    The Oculus you mean? By FB? Hell no lol. Everyone has to stay the hell away from that stuff. As tech people, we all know the value of privacy. Having to log into FB just for a VR device? Hell no. All the privacy data they collect? Bad idea.
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    pipnina got a reaction from phoon in Buy a VR headset or wait?   
    I've used a Vive and I own an Index. I used a 6700k @ 4.5 (now with R5-5800x) and a GTX 1070.
    It ran VR games like Elite Dangerous, No Man's Sky, Project Cars 2 just fine. Half Life Alyx suffers a little with the 1070 being quite close to minimum spec (I was pulling over 90fps but not meeting my 144 hz target near lowest settings, and my overclocked 6700k was pushed to breaking point).
    As for how good the sets are at the moment... I'd say wait a little. The Index is what i'd call "almost there", but that is still an ALMOST. No doubt the next gen of headsets (Index is already 1.5 years old) will be much better and probably come with 4k panels to boot. Though at that point you're gonna need a beefier card in all likelihood.
    Scout out what games you want to play in VR first. If you find enough to feel like you'd be kept busy, take the splash. No sense waiting forever for the tech to become perfect.
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    pipnina reacted to Drama Lama in Rumors of my death were greatly exagerrated - Pascal continues(?) its return with NVIDIA possibly resupplying the GTX 1050 Ti   
    why trade with stonks if you can buy and sell graphics cards
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    pipnina got a reaction from PWforPower in currys.co.uk some gpus in stock ?   
    I think at the moment on curry's if it's available to collect you have to go into the store and ask for it.
    It can only be bought online if it is available for delivery.
    I wanted to get R9-5900x from them but I didn't have my credit card on me at work when a stockinformer notification came through 😞 Ended up settling for a 5800x in december but that seems to have been a good decision for my wallet and since the 5900x is still very hard to buy.
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    pipnina got a reaction from Neo5Politan in How much of a damage can ripping the CPU out of socket do?   
    I've heard a good way to remove coolers from CPUs without tugging too much on the socket is to twist and slide so the compound breaks up in the twist and you aren't fighting the vacuum by pulling.
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    pipnina reacted to Jupsik in Share your Zen3 native boosts!   
    Processor:                                      5800x
    Cooler:                                           NZXT x52 240mm aio
    Single core boost:                          4.840Ghz
    Single core Cinebench R20 score:N/A
    All core boost:                                4.624 (with curve optimizer at -30, it did 4.750, with peak temp at 78c, but it wasn't completely stable)
    All core Cinebench R20 score:      6122
    All core peak wattage:                   N/A
    Single core peak wattage:             N/A
    Highest reported temperature:       84c
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    pipnina reacted to Stahlmann in Share your Zen3 native boosts!   
    DISLAIMER: My Cinebench automatically updated to R23, so that's all the Data i can provide! The Scores can't be directly compared to R20 results!
    Processor:                                      5600x
    Cooler:                                           Custom Loop (2x 360mm Rads, Pump @1500RPM, Fans @700RPM)
    Single core boost:                          4.64Ghz
    Single core Cinebench R23 score: 1518
    All core boost:                                 4.2 - 4.3GHz
    All core Cinebench R23 score:       11107
    All core peak wattage:                    76
    Single core peak wattage:              43
    Highest reported temperature:       53
    Interesting to see what the others get without any manual tuning!
    I'd also find it interesting if people could also include their max stable OC clocks!
    Mine is topping out at 4.7GHz all-core.
    That looks like PBO for me .
    I see no other reason why your CPU would boost 250MHz higher at all-core while also running hotter!?
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    pipnina reacted to Zenedge in Share your Zen3 native boosts!   
    Processor:                                      5600x
    Cooler:                                           Some off brand 240mm AIO
    Single core boost:                          not sure
    Single core Cinebench R20 score: n/a
    All core boost:                                4.45 - 4.51Ghz
    All core Cinebench R20 score:      n/a
    All core peak wattage:                   76w
    Single core peak wattage:             n/a
    Highest reported temperature:       70c
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    pipnina got a reaction from Stahlmann in Share your Zen3 native boosts!   
    I just got my 5800x before christmas and was expecting about what was advertised on the box - something like 4.6-4.7 single core boost and maybe 4.0 all-core with my Noctua D15S. But having run benchmarks and looking at HWmonitor I have been very pleasantly surprised! I also feel like AMD doesn't provide near enough info on their processors capabilities on the box and this could help people know what to expect if we share our stock experiences!
    I tried to make this a proper table but I can't work out how to add BBCode into this box 🤷‍♂️
    Processor:                                      5800x
    Cooler:                                           Noctua D15S
    Single core boost:                          4.84Ghz
    Single core Cinebench R20 score: 618
    All core boost:                                4.516Ghz
    All core Cinebench R20 score:      6034
    All core peak wattage:                   137w
    Single core peak wattage:             39w
    Highest reported temperature:       84c
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    pipnina reacted to DildorTheDecent in Where are the chiplets in the Zen3 processors?   
    When the CPU is installed in the socket the I/O chiplet is at the top and the CPU chiplets are at the bottom.
    der8auer used to sell "OC brackets" on caseking that show the layout of the dies:
    X method is best method btw.
    CPU in the normal orientation (as seen on marketing slides):
    CPU in the socket:
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    pipnina got a reaction from xyro27 in Both my windows keys have stopped working! (on keyboard)   
    This was the problem! I saw lock on the underside of my win keys but thought it was for a different purpose. Pressed Fn+LWin and it is working now!
    Thanks muchly!
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    pipnina reacted to xyro27 in Both my windows keys have stopped working! (on keyboard)   
    I've seen issues like this before, and if it's not something silly like the KB's windows lock being on, it's usually Windows (software) related. There are some things you can try at these sites if you feel up for it. Skip over the parts talking about Win Lock on gaming KBs.
    https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-start-win_menu/windows-key-not-working-already-tried-all-thing-on/0c796f79-0aa8-466e-ab44-802005d1791b#:~:text=for your keyboard.-,Right click on the Start Button and select “Run” or,File > run a new task.&text=If you have a USB,will reinstall the drivers automatically.
    And this one, which I would start looking at beginning at "Method 2"
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    pipnina reacted to PlayStation 2 in AMD Radeon 6000 Stock "Seems Pretty Terrible" According to Hardware Unboxed   
    I'm sure both of us know that every American and European unit will be accounted for the foreseeable future.
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    pipnina reacted to ShrimpBrime in What is the ultimate limit to overclocking/manufactured frequency?   
    Information goes through the pipeline. There are multiple stages. Informaiton passes through the pipeline at a slower rate because it's longer. With more stages, the work is simplified for processing. The processor can than operate at a higher frequency, bringing AMD's FX processors to first to hit 5ghz from the box. But it was slower than Phenom II which was a completely different design with much shorter pipelines and actually better IPC at about 1000mhz less frequency. 4ghz Phenom could process that of a 5ghz FX. 
    So with less stages, the Cpu transistors, are working a little more harder. It does depend on the instruction set as well. So with some overclocks that do not use AVX, you can overclock higher and obtain a score. Like WPrime vs Cinebench. 
    In a nut shell. There's plenty more to it beyond my knowledge without looking on the interwebs for links and good reads.
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    pipnina got a reaction from ShrimpBrime in What is the ultimate limit to overclocking/manufactured frequency?   
    Ah, that kinda makes sense! Especially since IIRC magnetic field strength increases with the current, and these overclocked processors can end up drawing 300A+!
    Not something I had considered.
    A *long* pipeline? That kinda sounds like it would have the opposite effect to me as a layman. But then I don't know what that is so.
    Thanks for the replies guys.
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    pipnina got a reaction from ShrimpBrime in What is the ultimate limit to overclocking/manufactured frequency?   
    So until recently I just assumed that this limit was temperature, because I had never looked into it in great detail, and I thought that once you were pushing enough voltage into a chip the thermals would eventually just become too much for even LN2 to handle and the proc/gpu/ram would overheat.
    But in a recent der8auer video, where he overclocks all the 5950x cores to 5.8GHz with LN2, he mentions that actually you get to a point where the CPU cannot be stable at a higher frequency, and you can't make the CPU colder because it loses conductivity (I think he said -150°c~ for the 5950x). But in that case, why doesn't adding more voltage help like it did up to that point?
    Is it just something to do with the laws of physics at that point? I'd have guessed so but then we have seen processors go above 8GHz before now on a single core.
    What holds it back when everything you can do is already pushed way beyond the limits of practicality?
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    pipnina reacted to Fasauceome in What is the ultimate limit to overclocking/manufactured frequency?   
    Some would argue that it's still temperature, and that the sub-surface components are getting too hot, but this is actually a misconception.
    One factor is that electricity is an expression of kinetic energy, and there is a physical limit to how much kinetic energy a system can manage. You're stuffing electrons down really tiny tubes (in a certain sense) really fast so it's bound to have a physical limitation.
    Electron flow also creates electro magnetic fields. Increased flow of electrons creates a stronger field, and this field itself induces an electron flow. This is how inductors work, in fact. A coil of wire (or other conductive substance) has electricity flowing in a circular pattern, which generates a current in the direction of the center of the coil. On a microscopic scale, the inductive effects can't quite be neutralized perfectly by designs of the chip.
    There are many more reasons that are very significant in the speed barrier of CPUs, however. Not all of which have to do with the CPU itself, as @ShrimpBrime mentioned the motherboard is a major factor in the CPU performance.
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    pipnina reacted to ShrimpBrime in What is the ultimate limit to overclocking/manufactured frequency?   
    The design of the processor.
    So in very very short.....
    Main reason.
    Long pipelines allow for high frequency. But this negatively effects per core IPC. That's why P4 and FX processors where slow, but could reach 8ghz.
    Other Reasons
    TLB errata
    Cold bugged board or Cpu
    voltage scaling.
    and probably a few other things in minor relation.
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    pipnina reacted to Fasauceome in Might I just as well get a 10900k?   
    Lots of reviewers are getting between 300 and 500MHz OC easily on their ryzen 5000 CPUs and you can absolutely use an affordable B550 motherboard to achieve this.
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    pipnina reacted to HelpfulTechWizard in Might I just as well get a 10900k?   
    The 5800x can just slam dunck the 10900k, and a fair few places seem to be getting it back in stock.
    I would look for a week or so, and then go for the 10900kf.
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    pipnina reacted to HairlessMonkeyBoy in RAM Speeds vs Timings/Latency   
    You could get a lot more performance by tuning your secondary timings, most importantly tRFC(as low as you can) and TREFI(as high as you can up to 65535). Those two settings alone could make a big difference since they together control for how long and how often, respectively, your DRAM is refreshing rather than reading and writing. If you are interested, here is a great thread on memory OCing: