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  1. ZX Spectrum 48K (from Sinclair Research, 1982) is the first which I owned. Learned BASIC programming there, made my first "graphics" (1985 or so, I was a lad) and created some small games. But really, first thing I gamed on, before all that, were the arcade machines, in pubs, etc. Really low pixels tho. At friends' homes, besides Amstrads and C64s, the previous to the AT (286, 386, etc), the XT computers. Those with green-only or orange-only screens and 5.25 floppy disks. By then we were using a bit all that at a time: the arcade machines, and all those different "computers" at friends/family
  2. Wait a minute... Excuse my supreme ignorance ...artist, not so versed in hardware, only in what I see my tasks do better (ie, lots of RAM for heavy load in photoshop, fast single core in that one, many cores in Blender, good 8GB VRAM card in Davinci, etc). But is 4x8 still dual channel ? I have read everywhere that for Ryzen is gotta be dual channel. I am going (planning a rig) for a 3900X, 3200mhz CL16 memory, 2060 S 8Gb or 1660 S (the latter for replacing and selling in October... The former to keep it. Depending on final budget and/or getting or not certain set of gigs for Davinci). And dun
  3. Is rare that I fully agree with 2 consecutive posts of two different people... but is the case. @Cebrano Yes, the Affinity suite (3 apps) for a lot of people does the deal of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. It is true that does not have (yet) all the features, that has corners to polish, and that being the company staff and money & resources of Serif, what, like 20 or 1000 times smaller than Adobe's, the progress is very slow (some features addition can take years since the moment of considering the possibility of adding them..like happens in open source (low, money, s
  4. never ever cleaned one of those until only vertical or horizontal movement would happen...
  5. At blender.org are very good ones. Is where I'd start if I was beginning at it now. (and of course, the download of the app is there, too) But IMO, is great for 3D (is my tool for work, for all my 3D), and while has a video editor inside, quite capable, my (2c) recommendations would be (of course, you can use Blender video editor/composer if you find that you prefer it to the below, but please try everything at start, to decide. Davinci seems to me very professional in everything) : Davinci Resolve as a video editor. And Davinci Fusion as an app that makes stuff of the kin
  6. I like simplicity , I just use the following (it doesn't fail me) : https://freealarmclocksoftware.com I believe the volume in the app overrides Windows volume value, meaning you should probably only handle the volume for what is the alarm in the app. I have detected that if it notices other audio is playing in the machine, it will fade out to silence until you stop that music or whatever, so to not make the alarm sound over the music, movie or whatever.
  7. Also, if you love command line, probably imagemagik. In Photoshop, you can make "Actions" (kindda macros) and apply that action to entire folders through the batch processing utility. You have also batch converters which can apply modifications (haven't tried that task you mention, tho) , and my favorite ones in that are irfanview and XnView MP or their standalone converter. This is, in case you want to do it in batch mode, for a bunch of files. If you need a server app doing it or to pipe it to an app working locally to make certain workflow, without user interaction, then the way to go is im
  8. -- Removed by me -- Stuff is changing at speed of light, and was certain yesterday, is not so much today.
  9. -- Removed by me -- Stuff is changing at speed of light, and was certain yesterday, is not so much today.
  10. -- Removed by me -- Stuff is changing at speed of light, and was certain yesterday, is not so much today.
  11. And take responsibility, deal well with pressure, and provide always, tho that goes implicit in the "work ethic" mention. Haha. That's probably one of the most wanted skills in my profile... they wouldn't need to look further in my career ?. Prolly if I'd write like that to HRs in the letter, they'd be able to imagine how beautiful my spaghetti code would be, full of redundant and nested loops... Luckily for the universe, I don't code (last time I mentioned HTML/CSS as 'coding', provoked an eyebrow strain to certain someone).
  12. Actually... Is not the usual thing, but sometimes one gets contracted if the sum of skills on a number of matters is fine even if not covering everything required (BTW, in the LTT graphic design offer, what is requested is very spot-on, and no nonsense there, but in MANY companies' job offers it is requested way too many things, also from other profiles (like coding in python to a graphic designer, or asking a coder to be able to model in 3D, that's stupidity, but happens), so, one needs not to be scared of that), or even just if specially excel in one matter, even if not covering a bunch of o
  13. I cover all those points and way more, and still, even if having a work permit, and more importantly, desire to move to Canada (great country, I just like my own and its 114 º F , lol) I would not be able to work there. Because it seems that every worker there needs to kind of be comfortable in front of the camera, be funny and all. I don't know... I could say I find ONE person like that (btw, I found her funny and smart) per every 30 or 35 colleagues in the nerd world that is IT. For some reason, it's more often found among graphics/audio people (in my experience at least) than coders and sys
  14. -- Removed by me -- Stuff is changing at speed of light, and was certain yesterday, is not so much today.
  15. Working in design, graphics, I need smooth edges on screen fonts. I set that one and having desktop composition, show thumbnails instead of icons (for browsing image folders), and use visual styles on windows and buttons. Those 4 and nothing more. Nothing missed for actual graphic work, and no performance loss. And I should notice more than anyone, super old and under powered work PC here, every bit asked to the machine is amplified compared to other people's PCs. I need to optimize every bit (am on Windows 7 yet).
  16. some people also set the pagefile at a different disk, some even (despite the crazy amount of writes) an ssd for that. I haven't tried that. Photoshop uses that a lot, too. I have it always on, usually at 12 GB, and maximum /minimum at same number.
  17. I think she might try to get traction on Mixer, now that she's kindda famous. Is what I'd do... if judging only what we heard in the Van show, hiring doesn't seem likely at all (not enough skills for the positions to fill... which is natural, as she's quite young yet to have long experience and skills). But I agree with those thinking she would have a strong future on camera in any youtube channel. Specially with someone as partner / friend / couple. Or collabs, etc . Could do alone, too, but imo her forte is interaction. IMO, besides live stream in that site, should have her own youtube cha
  18. Option A) What has been said is the best way specially if you can send the file to a print place where they can print in this medium formats. Using a vector software (inkscape, corel draw, affinity designer, xara, illustrator, etc) , as always that you export for CNC cutting, or make a template of any kind, for 3D print too, or cloth cutting or etc, vectors are better in these cases (accuracy and scaling flexibility, plus perfect curves). You create a canvas of the needed full size (ie, 90cm tall per whatever width), and you can already set the canvas properties, as (though not key in a vector
  19. You are perfectly fine with a XP-Pen Deco 03, a Deco Pro, or a Wacom Medium. imo, no need for the Intuos Pro, intuos is fine for retouch, is more important that is medium size. As anyway, you will be needing 200% to access the keyboard handling Photoshop or whatever for image editing, your hand is already 100% of the time there, so the extra function buttons, not a need. The Xp-Pen Deco 03, has the side function buttons, besides being already 70 to 80$ cheaper than the wacom medium, and includes a disc for zoom or brush size, very convenient. If that wasn't enough, it is indeed bigger than wac
  20. My positive opinion about the XP-Pen Deco 03 classic tablet (100$ only at amazon first hand) and the XP-Pen 22E monitor-tablet is mostly due to having friends, colleagues that use these and love them. And two of these guys are super reliable in these matters and in general. Reviews occupy a lower rank in my consideration, but I've watched a lot, and the line jitter and other stuff is not something that can be easily faked (I easily hunt those trying to fool all of us) for someone working 10 -16 hours a day with tablets, non-stop for decades (since '91). Wacom drivers have also a history of i
  21. About that list... not sure if she's (20 she said?) a millennial (gen y) or a gen z (definitions ranges overlap... and definitely, Linus is not a boomer, is gen x, like me... ) IMO, she wins. Both cringey, and both put Linus to the limit (for some super weird reason, ppl think this is a value itself, lol) , both funny in a way, but actually laughed quite with Madison, dunno exactly why...
  22. Some video editing/rendering apps depend more on the CPU (and among them some utilize all threads, others a reduced number of them...I believe Premiere uses effectively till 10 cores), others get the acceleration by GPU, so this counts, too. It's the CPU, for most. In general benchmarks the 3600 and 2700x are quite much better machines than older ones from so many years ago, for almost everything. For some , single core fastest clock is key, in others the threads count a bit more. It also depends on if you loose more time rendering (edit: seems you want faster rendering) or need the speed-up d
  23. One day newer breeds will tell y'all "shut up millennial old fart" or "get lost gen z trash" (...mwahahaaa... )
  24. TL; DR : Do yourself a favor, just get the XP-Pen Deco 03 or Deco Pro. It's 100$ or 130$, respectively, at Amazon, last time I checked. Only purchase them from the official XP-Pen offers there at Amazon. I have use Photoshop a lot with both mouse and Wacoms (and other tablets), but somehow in pure photo / image editing I'm faster with the mouse. For specific photo retouching, that is, the usual cloning, healing, refining, retouching in general, masks making, a tablet is quite helpful. I'm more of an illustrator/comic artist/designer/3D artist, but besides that have needed to
  25. My good old days were more about playing on this one, and in some it could be multiplayer, but involved using a coin : Then these came, and you could do "multiplayer", but using same freaking keyboard. Although my very first old days games had unlimited multiplayer :