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  1. What temp do I believe? I am new to the PCMR and this is my first build
  2. no sticker. i did not check using the ryzen master or hwmonitor. i was going to try that tomorrow. i did have issues the first time around and got to much pressure which spread the paste to the corners. this time i feel like i got a better spread. a more even spread. i will have to check another software and see what the temps are tomorrow.
  3. Hello all. I am new to PC building and seem to be having CPU temp issues. this is now my 3rd attempt at thermal paste application. in the bios my cpu reports around 30-35C once in windows cosair link/icue reports 70-74C idle and 90+ under a lite load. I am using the stock cooler with arctic silver 5 paste. I am not sure what else to do. i have it spread out with the fan running a max speed in the BIOS. I have the tower 900 case with 5 case fans ICUE says the temps are around 25C in the spot the probes are in.